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I currently work for a VA Medical Center and want to leave nursing, however all my applications for internal positions outside of nursing keep getting rejected. Does anyone have any experience with this or suggestions on how to get an interview when transitioning out of nursing? 


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Curious if you have a BSN, and also what types of jobs are you applying to?



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17 hours ago, Golden_RN said:

Curious if you have a BSN, and also what types of jobs are you applying to?

I have a BSN, have applied to HR and Health Administration positions. 



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That is the exact reason I got a BA instead of the BSN. 



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Read through the job descriptions and match your past experience to the experience they want for the positions.  Tailor your resume and cover letter to highlight those matching experiences. 

Do you know any supervisors who would be helpful in your quest to transition? Being an internal candidate can be helpful if you can activate your network.

Recruiters may have a hard time believing a nurse is serious about transitioning to an entirely different career. You may have to do a bit more than other applicants in order to secure a position.Does your schedule allow you to shadow or take an internship in the department of your  choice? 

On another note, I am also curious about your situation.  What do you dislike about nursing? What do you like about HR and health administration? Would you go back to school to get into another field?

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What Takoo01 said and be perpared to leave the VA if you find a good opportunity outside of the VA.  Maybe the VA isn't hiring you for thse other positions because they don't want to lose an RN.  Perhaps they need to know that one way or the other they are losing an RN, but they can gain a good administrator.

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Check out Western Governor University's programs. All online and you can move through their courses quickly. They have various health care administration/management programs. 



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Yea I think it’s because they assume if you don’t like the position you won’t  have to stay because you’re so marketable. It’s sucks but I get it.



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I was trying to transition from Floor Nurse to Informatics. After one interview, I asked the interviewer what did I need to do to get the job? She told me that I had the education (minor in IS) but I needed experience (catch-22.) So I volunteered to work in the Navy Family Service Center on their computers on my days off.  I then applied for the same job at a different hospital and got it. After 2 years the original job I wanted became available again, so I applied and got that. I loved that job!