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RNWCCCM has 46 years experience as a RN and specializes in Case Management (CCM), Hospice, Psychiatric, OB.

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  1. Recorded calls?

    I have worked case management for several years from home. I have never had my calls recorded.
  2. WC Case Manager for Genex?

    I've worked WC case management for over 20 years and have worked for several companies including Genex. They are all similar. The work is the same. I've rarely had any issues with the adjusters or injured workers. Years ago, the doctors were harder t...
  3. Old Timer's Take on Fixing the Nursing Shortage

    I was a candy striper in my senior year in high school. We went to school in the mornings and to work at the hospital in the afternoons. Ten years and two children later I went to an ADN program which required quite a commute. I thought the method of...
  4. Ready to Move On

    That is the exact reason I got a BA instead of the BSN.
  5. Are You Working Past Retirement Age?

    I am still working PRN as a certified case manager. I work from home but attend appointments when needed. I can accept or decline a case. I did retire for 3 years but decided to return to work for extra money and just because I missed working in the ...
  6. At War With Ourselves

    Thank you, Kathy Day! I, too, agree with you 100%. I have 44 years in nursing in many different areas and don't get a lot of things going on in the nursing profession now. But I really don't get nurses quitting their jobs over the Covid vaccinat...
  7. The quietest workplace

    Hi Pixie RN, I was wondering how you got into clinical appeals? I've been a Certified Case Manager for years but wouldn't mind a change of pace. Thanks for any information.
  8. How many jobs have you had in your career?

    In 43 years of nursing I've had a lot of jobs. A few I had to take because they were smaller hospitals and no choices. Even the ones I didn't think I would like, I grew to like them. We moved about every 4 - 6 years for my husband's job so that meant...
  9. Went to inactive license

    I also graduated with my RN in 1977. I did retire for 3 years and now have been back to work for 4 years working in case management. I have always kept my licenses current. I also have a CCM. I really hate to let them go.