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3rd time's the charm, right?

Longtime reader, first time poster. I am a new grad nurse who has now taken and failed the nclex twice. Personal distractions notwithstanding, I am about to take the test again in a week. Feeling like it has been too long since I did anything nursey, and practice testing is not consistently above a 60%. Have taken Kaplan course, ATI, Silvestri, Mosby's, NCSBN, PearsonVUE and all in all over 10,000 (yes there are four zeros) questions in the last 4 months. ATI predictor before the first test was at 90% chance of passing the first time. I have lost job opportunities because of these failures and I am feeling the strain of financial and emotional stressors. I have always been a can-do resilient kind of person and an excellent student and failing the NCLEX twice has both humbled me and driven me to despair. The last time I failed, I just picked myself up and starting studying again the very next day. WHAT ELSE CAN I DO??? If I fail again, the state requires me to take a remediation course (except nobody knows what that is, because 87% of nursing students pass the first time). Is God telling me to give up nursing? Just having a moment of extreme self doubt. Wish I had a magic bullet to crush this test and be over it! Staying positive, but unsure... that's okay, right? :uhoh3:

nonalcoholic, just believe in youself, u can do it.. pray and believe in god too. take a deep breath while taking the test, don't rush over questions, make sure u understand what the question is asking u. u sure know ur material having done 10,000 questions in the last 4 months is really a lot. this time u gonna nail it down...smile because u gat it this time...goodluck..god bless u.

You have to be persistent and do not let self doubt take hold. Spend time relaxing and practicing your relaxation techniques the day prior. If you were to fail and have to take the remediation class, well, so what? If you keep on trying, eventually you will pass. Good luck.

3rd time is the Charm, Right? WRONG!! You just keep on trying until you get the test passed. I know it is easier said than done but you pick yourself up and keep trying. Never give up!!

I have failed twice and get my 3rd ATT May 11th then I can schedule again. I pray that we will both pass the 3rd time. If we don't then lets just keep trying until we pass. We passed nursing school and so we can do this too! Lets just keep our heads up which I know can be really hard. But we WILL pass boards!


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