Ran out of time at 163..AND GOT THE CC POP UP :(

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I don't know what I did wrong I studied for 2 months..paced myself during the test..don't know what else to do. This was my 4th time taking it Im just sad now..not sure if I wanna sit again.:crying2:

what did you use to study?please inbox me the answers if you can.sorry about your cc pop;don't give up!

Good luck with your official results.

Examcram and those books teaches you all that.You can also try whatever you are comfortable with too.Goodluck!

did you pass at 163?

Examcram is good but dosn't give you alot of practice on SATA question.that what got me last time I took the test, you can use but you need something else beside it..Good luck never give up.

Give yourself a couple of days to a week off from reviewing then when you're ready, start to review again as if you're reviewing for the nclex on your first try. Read on contents first so at least you can refresh yourself with it. However, wait for your official results. never give up. g'luck.

is there a way to send private messages on here?

is there a way to send private messages on here?

I believe you must have 15 or more posts for you to send private messages.

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