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Nursing New grad from four year school, need to take nclex to move forward.

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  1. mikeny

    I've now failed NCLEX-RN twice....

    that happened to me too. i feel the same way as you, the same exact feelings you have.
  2. mikeny

    Starting over with the NCLEX need help!!

    you're not alone. i'm same way. i know all about stress, trust me. are you from miami or in the ny area?
  3. mikeny

    I've now failed NCLEX-RN twice....

    i'm sorry to hear that. what state are you in?
  4. mikeny

    I've now failed NCLEX-RN twice....

    I'm in the same boat as you. i'm also a adult male. what state are you in? you seem like a smaty guy and maybe we could help each other if possible. I took it twice at 265 too. I understand that is hurts.
  5. mikeny

    Looking For NCLEX-RN tutor (NYC AREA)

    i just wrote to you on aol
  6. mikeny

    Looking For NCLEX-RN tutor (NYC AREA)

    if you want, leave me your number. i would call and we could cover material if you want. i'm also in ny. have you already taken the nclex test? what areas do you spend most on? thanks.
  7. mikeny

    NCLEX RN study buddy testing September 2010

    new york, and yourself?
  8. mikeny

    nclex-rn help!

    maybe we can talk. i'm in the same boat. let me know. i feel your pain. maybe we can help each other.
  9. mikeny

    Looking For NCLEX-RN tutor (NYC AREA)

    i hear they are very pricy. what else did your friend say about med school?
  10. mikeny

    Looking For NCLEX-RN tutor (NYC AREA)

    hi there. have you taken the test too? looking for a study buddy? i have taken the test 2X, and failed 2X with 265 questions. i could use some confidence and feedback. let me know where you stand. thanks.
  11. mikeny

    Need Tutor for NCLEX-RN

    i could use a study buddy. i'm a male but someone to bounce info off could help. let me know if you want to cover material. i assume you graduated?
  12. mikeny

    LPN 2010 NCLEX-takers Support Group

    what is the difference between the PN & the RN test besides the delegation?
  13. mikeny

    Help.. I'M in the state of depression

    i'm in same boat. ever want to talk, give me a shout. i can relate to what you mean.
  14. mikeny

    Ran out of time at 163..AND GOT THE CC POP UP :(

    is there a way to send private messages on here?
  15. mikeny

    Any study Buddys in NJ/NYC area?

    what site is EC SON website? is that the right spelling. i would also be interested in study buddies in tri state area.