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I am brand new at a LTC facility. My 'partner' is a young grouchy mean and bitter person. She breaks every CNA rule in the book that I learned in school. She's verbally mean to patients, calling them disgusting, telling them to hurry up, doesn't pull curtains when they have to poop in the shower room in front of other people recieving showers, I could go on all day. Plus, she's supposed to be training me and she just flounces around expecting me to follow. She doesn't tell me anything unless I ask. She also complains about me as if I were invisable and tells me not to answer call bells because 'these people just want attention'. There's plenty more, but in the interest of getting some feedback, I'll stop.

Can I request a different CNA to train me without her finding out? I'd hate to alienate her or **** her off forever because she has some good points, but I'd like to see how other CNAs do their jobs. Who would I speak to? The LPNs on duty dont seem to say anything to her since shes fast and gets the work done, but the attitude is gross. She's so mean to these helpless old people, what if that was her grandma??? :cry:


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She needs to be turned in but I would do it without putting your name on it. The last ltc I worked for we had a box for that just write down what you see and turn her in. If shes worked there for awhile, others know what is going on. Whoever reports it and gets rid of a fast worker is in for a heck of a lot of trouble. I've seen it happen. If they find out its you, every move you make will be watched like a hawk, every tiny miss step noted in bold. They'll build a case against you and if you're not careful not only will you be fired but you'll wind up with a mark on your license. I got lucky, when it happened to me I didn't end up with a mark on my license but others were not. Girls got fired time and again when the whole place gave them the blame for something that wasn't their fault.

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Turning someone in is a tricky business, as Sonomala said. There has been quite a lot of ugliness at my facility over something like this.

Sonomala, what do you mean by a mark on your license? Is there something that stays with your name somehow? I've never heard of this before.

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I have not yet worked as a CNA but I am in the process of starting my class, but I would be concerned if I saw these things. Those people do not deserve to be treated that way and the CNA responsible for that should be turned in:madface:. Like others have said, I would do it as secretly as possible so you do not create trouble for yourself, but I would not ignore this. Someone has to stand up for these people. :redbeathe

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Thanks for the responses. I agree any reporting would have to be kept secret. Last night she actually was a bit better verbally at least, but she and another CNA, are so rough with the residents when changing them or turning them. They just wildly flip them or literally throw their legs up into bed. Plus, the worst part is they chart falsely. They just check off cares "the same as the person before did". Even cares that weren't done and they expect me to do it too, but i refused. The one girl even charted for the next shift in exchange for setting up!! The LPN was sitting right there so I guess I have t go up the line. I may wait a bit, after all I am BRAND NEW. Such a problem!

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You may want to ask yourself if this is really a place you want to be working at? I know that its tough to find a job right now but do you really want to be associated with an establishment that works this way?


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I can understand both points. You want to be an advocate for the residents and help them. But sometimes it can turn ugly and you end up being the one suffering. I am a strong believer in karma, and that when you go about doing injustice to others, it will come back to you. So whether you turn her in now, or if she injures someone later and has a lawsuit up her behind, her time will come. There is a judge above us that is greater than any manager, that will see justice served. Keep your head up and make the right desicion for you.:heartbeat


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I'd report her - point blank. Both of my grandparents passed away in hospital settings, and there were numerous times when I saw rude nurses or assistants caring for them. So that bothers me to see CNA's or anyone not doing there job properly. Like I said, report her.

Unfortunately most LTC facilities are like this. Although I'm not excusing this behavior, but a lot of it has to do with the poor wages, patient/CNA ratio and the lack of supplies that you need. But yet these facilities make millions in profits after all bills and employees are paid. It's rediculous, but you'd better get used to it or else you wont survive, it's reality. You will find yourself cutting corners in order to get things done before your shift is over. It's totally not like it is in CNA school where you have all the time in the world to finish your 1-2 patents. Good Luck


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School and the workplace are like night and day. There are great LTC facilities and really, really bad ones. Personally, I would look for a different place to work if that kind of treatment of residents is tolerated. These people deserve to be treated with respect and this CNA is not doing that. I think of it this way...would I want my mother, father, grandparents treated in this manner? I treat my residents the way I would want to be treated. It's your call though.

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I'd wait a bit to say something. That's what I did. I proved myself. And now if i see something not right I speak up to the NAC in question, if that doesn't work when I write a note to the DNS and administrator. I'm seen as a b**** but that's fine by me. As long as the residents are getting the proper care, I don't care what the other aides think of me.

You are a new set of eyes and could be having an idealized view of the way things should be. I thought all the residents would be like grandma and grandpa. Until the men would be playing grabby paws and that lady yells at me and calls me names I'm embarassed to repeat! I also thought I'd have time to visit with the residents and spend 1:1 time with them because I did in clinicals. So not the case! I do get to visit with the residents but its while I'm doing care at the same time.


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***warning MALE CNA*** hehe just had to add that.

I started right out of CNA class at a county owned facility. That did not go well so I left. I then moved to a facility that had a great reputation in the area to work for. Things started well but went down hill fast. I left there. There is a facility here that has a very bad reputation that everyone talks about as being a bad place to work. I was hesitant to apply but now I am so glad I did. I now work for the facility with the worst reputation in the area. AND I LOVE IT. We had a few new girls start and one of them should have never became a CNA she doesn't have the temperament for the job. She lies about care, does a sloppy job, disappears all the time, extremely slow and not showing any signs of speeding up. I know she is a new CNA and have tried to help and give pointers to her to no avail, she doesn't care. I have been told by my nurses that her days are numbered. The rst of the staff are great. They all care and do a bangup job. I am so happy I decided to apply to the place with the worst reputation.

That being said now to the topic at hand. Sorry to hear you are having problems with your preceptor. As was suggested you can work elsewhere. I have found if there is a CNA that acts that way there more than likely is more than one as not doing anything to correct the behavior only condones it. So my advice is to report her and find another job. My statement above proves that there are better places out there if you are willing to look and don't buy into the gossip about facilities unless you have firsthand knowledge. Good luck and keep us posted.

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