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  1. NM nurse to be

    Please checkout "Mobbing" in Wikipedia

    Well that was definitely interesting! I hadn't heard of that concept by name before. And yet I am totally familiar with it's execution There is definitely mobbing going on at my current work. I can't think of anything proveable but the atmosphere is totally 'mob against target of the moment'. The ringleader is someone of power and there is no way to fight it. So I am leaving. The question is whether I work the weekend or just call and quit now.
  2. NM nurse to be

    leaving a job with little/no notice?

    Has anyone done this? My situation lately has become so awful, I dread going in even one more day. I do have another job lined up, starting very soon. I am wondering about tonight. I am scheduled NOC tonight and tomorrow. This is an 'at will' employment state, I just checked the state labor site and that means no notice is required by either party. I have never left a job on no notice but I have also never encountered and environment quite like this either. Many people have quit or just not shown up again over the last few months. There's many (and some quite shocking) reasons for that and I don't want to go into it all here. But the job is intolerable at this point. I am a CNA at that job, recently graduated from a good LPN program. What do you think? I am concerned about references as well. I know what legally can be said but have no way of knowing if in the future I didn't get a job because of this one. Any opinions or advice is greatly appreciated!!!
  3. NM nurse to be

    Today is my pinning!

    Thanks everyone! Oh hey! Looks like I need to change my user name too... I am now NM nurse for real !!! Or will be as soon as I get that pesky NCLEX out of the way.
  4. NM nurse to be

    Today is my pinning!

    I haven't posted a lot here recently, school will do that to ya :) I just gotta heave a big sigh of relief and brag just a sec... I'm DONE!!!!!!!!!!!! with LPN school Boards are next month, so I'm not worrying about that today. Today is my pinning and man has that been a long way in coming! My folks are here, they haven't been out since I moved here. My mom was a nurse when I was a kid, long retired now. I didn't tell her about the part where she gets to stand and recite the florence nightingale pledge with us, I know she'll cry. Getting here at this point in my life has been a very round about process and I think I've ended up where I need to be now. So now I gotta scoot, just had to stop and say a quick hi. I get to go get PINNED!!!
  5. NM nurse to be

    Transistion from student to Nurse.

    Thanks for this post!! I will be graduating as an LPN next week! I was going to post something similar and here it is :) THanks pharmgirl, that was really helpful! Good luck to you, Shadowrunner, I bet you'll be an awesome nurse!
  6. NM nurse to be

    Thoughts on Christmas scrubs...Yea or no way?

    My facility wears them (LTC), I don't though. Being a poor student for so long, I can't afford scrubs with such a limited life. And I'm kind of a holiday scrooge too :) Retail wrecked me for holidays.
  7. NM nurse to be

    Preceptorship .. HELP!

    I was going to post this exact same thread today!!! I am starting in a few weeks though. I have all the same questions you do! What is a typical day like for a preceptee? It's funny that in class, the teacher likes to keep this part kind of a mystery and says we'll talk about it when we get there... But I would way rather be a little more prepared than that. Sorry I don't have any answers for you but I'm glad you posted :) Good luck with your preceptorship!!!!!!
  8. NM nurse to be

    Smoking coworkers and fair breaks

    This is TOTALLY one of my hot buttons! My issue about breaks are the 'smoker's breaks'. My facility has scheduled times when the smokers take the smoker residents outside to gasp at their ciggies. This happens at least 3 times during day and evening shift. So at these times, ALL the smoker CNAs disappear outside for the 15 minute (PAID) smoke break. So not only are they getting paid for 45 minutes that they did nothing but sit at the table and talk to each other, there is no one but the non-smokers left on the floor. Do you think we could get away with 'non-smoker fresh air' breaks with the non-smoking residents? I highly doubt it. It makes the rest of us angry but the smokers have rights too, according to management. And we don't, apparently. It's almost enough to take up pretend-smoking just to even things up! I can hold one and cough like the rest seem to do I have no issue with smokers who manage to do it on their ACTUAL breaks but the ones who take advantage and leave at prime call-bell ringing time, 3 times per shift, really tick me off!
  9. NM nurse to be

    Retire by 30, thanks nursing!

    Wow this is an old thread! I wonder if the OP is still around and how the grand plan is developing by now?
  10. NM nurse to be

    Ambien psychosis?

    I've taken Ambien with no problem. I use it very rarely, usually the night before a big test or when switching from night shift back to days during the week. I have heard of the issues though. And last week, a neighbor took his dose and wasn't asleep and he thinks maybe he took another dose. He found out the next morning when the cops showed up at his door, that he'd driven his car somewhere. And in the process driven THROUGH the gate to the neighborhood and backed almost through the cinder block wall in his yard. He didn't know anything about it until the cops showed up at his door, having followed the trail of destruction to his house.
  11. NM nurse to be

    so I blush really bad...

    I deal with this too. I'm pretty used to it by now, being of the no skin pigmented variety, it's been like this all my life. And last summer, I had to treat my whole face with a topical chemo and it seems to have permanently left the whole thing RED. All the time. I had hoped it might fade more but doesn't seem like it will. And just for kicks, when I'm moving around or get hot or embarrassed, it turns MORE red in the places that had the worst reaction to the 5FU. Mostly people just say 'oh you've gotten some sun' and I say yes and move on. No need to explain the whole thing. I totally sympathize with the red face brigade, it is no fun.
  12. NM nurse to be

    Is it normal to have second thoughts?

    Oh man, GinaCat, are you me??? I'm glad you wrote this post! These are all questions that have been in my mind too. I'm done with the LPN program in a couple months and I feel like I know nothing! I've gotten great reviews on the floor but in my head I feel dumb pretty much all the time. You sound like you're getting it though. I'm sure you'll do great!
  13. I chose the LPN route first for a number of reasons. First being the shorter wait to start the program. There has been a 2 year wait from petitioning to starting the ADN program and a year for the LPN, which I got into 2 semesters early after all. Another reason for me was economics. I'm a CNA now and living at that wage is not doable long term. I'm single and have no kids, so that helps but also there is just me trying to live on a CNA wage. So by doing the LPN first, I can work for better money while finishing up the RN. Another major and probably at first, the only reason I did it this way was because I didn't know how much school I wanted to do. I flunked out madly in college the first go round, many years ago. So I wasn't sure how this was going to go. Happily, it's been great. Have a good GPA and just scored 1140 on the HESI, so I'm doing ok after all. Now the internal debate is whether to go with a BSN or ADN. Finances will play a role there too. My school is tuition free, which is a HUGE draw and reason for the waiting list. I already have an associate of arts degree, so I do have a start on the BSN gen ed requirements. I need to talk to someone at the university and see how doable a transfer would be. And while I do all that, I can be working as an LPN :) I will be done with program in mid-November, so it's coming fast!
  14. NM nurse to be

    New CNA in a big hospital

    Since you are doing pre-req's already, could you find out what the med-surg text book is that your school is using? Now I know that they will likely change editions between now and then but it would be a huge help to you to be able to read up on what your patients are dealing with at the time. And the big plus there is you would have a HUGE head start in class when you get there :) It's great you are in a hospital already! Doing and seeing what you do will be SO helpful once you get to clinicals! The other thing I want to mention is that once you identify which nurses are inclined to share their knowledge, take them up on it! They would rather you ask a question than do something wrong anyway. And some really like to help the new kid along. The trick is knowing when (and who) to approach with a question. They will love you for it. Good luck!
  15. NM nurse to be

    Things they didn't teach you in CNA class.

    They don't tell you about projectile farts in the class movies either. Got an up close and personal lesson in that last week. Which makes the lesson about extra scrubs a very good point! One man on my floor is very alert and oriented, just physically has a lot of issues. He's not continent per se but can go on purpose when he wants. He had already had a loose BM when I rolled him away from me and then he squeezed out a huge fart and blew it all over! Mostly it got the bed but I wasn't quite quick enough. Gross!!!!!!! I jumped back and asked him if he was done and he just laughed and squirted out another one. You won't see THAT trick in any training video!
  16. NM nurse to be

    Yelling down the halls like a banshee...

    I haven't really heard that much at my facility. Unless there is an accident and someone needs help NOW, that doesn't really happen. And at night, I try not to talk in front of room doors either. We do have one nurse who has only one volume and even though she's not yelling down the hall, people do complain about noise at night on occassion.