"She does it because she cares about me"


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Tonight a conversation went like this between myself, my patient and the tech.

Patient: "Isn't my nurse lovely (she is british), she keeps me all cleaned up all night long"

Tech: "Well that is her job, she has to"

Patient: "It may be her job, but there are many who don't do it, but she does, because she cares about me"

Always days like these that keep it all in perspective.

I love nursing.


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That's the kind of remark that makes it all worth it!!

Good Job!!!:redpinkhe


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That says everything about why we do what we do! Thanks for sharing!


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I worked in the Er for years and those kind of comments were rare. I work in IV therapy now and the patients are so different. They tell you all the time what a great job you are doing. It is so great. It has given me a new attitude about nursing. It would be wonderful if every day we could have at least one pt. tell us we are appreciated. I think it would change a lot of nurses perspective.


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I agree there's something very satisfying when you do your work of what you were trained to do and have someone applaud your efforts. Of course having a lovely British accent can't hurt, right?!

Lately I find myself returning to patient's rooms I'd had in the recent past just to see how they're doing.

Of course this is not on one of my "task lists" and I'm not rewarded financially for this extra effort.

I find it reassuring when the patient who you felt was in a dire circumstance, but you as the nurse dare not show it at the time, is doing better and soon to be discharged. Of course sometimes the situation you run into returning to a patient's room is dire, the patient in a downward spin; but, something inside tells me this is good medicine for me the nurse. Of course it can't help but reassure the patient that someone else cares besides his or her assigned nurse!

Nice positive post OP!

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Last night I took care of 2 very sweet ladies--roomies. It was one of those nights when I managed to be there always at the right time--for pain meds, to get to the commode or on a bedpan--even to give one a bed bath after she sweated off a temp. I would say it was my first shift ever where I actually had the time to give my pts anything and everything they wanted--when they wanted it.

And they didn't even have to ring the bell--I'd just be walking by and happen to hear them chatting to each other, so I'd pop in. So, one called me the "guardian angel," and the other egged her on, saying at one point "you really are a miracle"

Now, I'm no angel, miracle, or other--and I tend to bristle a bit at the general public references to nurses being such. HOWEVER--it really made me smile and made my night. I love taking care of patients, and last night at least 2 of them really understood that.



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It's always nice when patients appreciate the care and acknowledge it rather than think "it's her job, she has to do it". :)

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This happened to me the other day and reinforced why I am becoming a nurse:

Me: (As I walk into the patients room) How are you doing?? Anything I can get for you??

Patient: Steph, I want to thank you for always asking how I am and if I need anything as you walk by my room, you are the only person who really checks on me and makes sure I am happy. I just want to say you are going to make a wonderful nurse and I wish there were more nurses as caring as you have been.

Another reason why I truly enjoy my job.. Patient's appreciation is everything!!! :tku:

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