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Yes, I'm quoting the little engine that thought he could. That's where I am trying to keep my mind set. I just Graduated in August, and I am taking the NCLEX on this Tuesday, the 28th!! ahhhh! My nerves are shot, my 13 y/o dog is in congestive heart failure, and I'm moving to another state in less than two weeks... so my platter is full!! I suffer from anxiety and panic attacks, and my "testing" anxiety was horrible in nursing school. I just don't know what to expect, and it's getting close to crunch time. So, I thought I would ask for any advice/tips/preps for the day before the test, including the day of? :)

Practice your relaxation techniques. Good luck.

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Bring a snack. Set a number of questions that you will take a break at...like I know when I reached 76 it was very stressful because I wanted to be done at 75...so I got up, went to the bathroom, ate a muffin and drank some water. I also walked fast up and down the hall a couple times. Went back and like 2 seconds later it shut off lol. Don't have too much caffeine and don't change up your routine too much if that's possible. My anxiety was very bad, I'm not gonna lie...but this helped.

Thanks guys :) Good idea about setting a time break, I didn't know you could do that!! :)

I know how you feel..just graduated last month also and I'm taking the test on Weds. Goodluck!!:)

goodluck....im taking mine tomorrow too....

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Relax and eat well before the exam. Take whole wheat crackers and some candy for brain sugar for your exam breaks. I did that a month ago. I passed and hopefully so will you.

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Relax the night before for sure. Do some Lamaze breathing during the test. LOl. That's what I did. My proctor thought i was seizing.

Thanks ya'll!! Glad it's over, awaiting results now. Got the good pop-up, but I find out for sure tomorrow morning!

I passed!!!! :D

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