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Quit job after 3 months and getting discouraged

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Dear Nurse Beth,

What advice do you have for a new grad with three months experience having a hard time finding a new job. I quit to be with my family in November and now all interviews just aren't working out. I am getting discouraged and am not sure if I should go back to school to become something else.

Dear Discouraged,

If I have this right, you landed a job as a new grad and then quit said job after 3 months. Now you've been unemployed a few months, and haven't been able to get hired.

As an unemployed RN with 3 months experience, you are lucky to land an interview. An interview is your chance to stand out, and win them over in person. I'm concerned you've already "used up" some of your interview opportunities before getting help with your interviewing skills.

It's very possible that had you interviewed strongly, you may have gotten the job.

Now that you're here, I can help, and have some homework for you 🙂 Read this article  New Grad Losing Hope of Landing Job Whatever questions you have after that, I'll be glad to answer.

This is all assuming you have the determination to persevere in your job hunt. Determined people get results. I would never advise a new grad to change careers so soon and you owe it to yourself to give it your all before you give up.

Hope to hear back from you and good luck!

Nurse Beth


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