Quinnipiac University ABSN 2021 Cycle

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Hi everyone! 

I applied to Quinnipiac for the ABSN 2021 cycle, has anyone else?! Here are my applications stats: 

A&P I: A-

A&P II: B+

Micro: B+

Stat: A-

My undergrad GPA is 3.09

Hopefully we hear back early March instead of late! 🙂


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Hi, me too!

A&P I: A-

A&P II: A-

Micro: A-

Statistics: A

My overall GPA is pretty low though, barely a 2.9-3.0

My undergrad was in English and I was definitely not a great student back in the day. Went back to school for prerequisites after my degree. 


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Your prereq's are great! Hopefully they take that into consideration! My overall GPA isn't the best either, but their minimum is a 3.0. 

Here's to hoping for the both of us!


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I think Drexel has the same 3.0 minimum however I was accepted. So I’m hoping Quinnipiac is the same LOL


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Hi, I also applied! 

My BA is in Politics/Legal Studies and my GPA was 3.6

My prereqs so far are: 

Anatomy: A 

Stats: B 

Micro/Phys: IP 

I also have no prior healthcare experience and just finished my undergrad in June 2020, and I'm wondering how many other applicants for ABSN programs are in the same boat. Good luck to you both 🙂 


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Hi there!  

Also waiting to hear back from QU.

My GPA was 3.6

A/P 1:  A-

Stats:  A

A/P 2: IP


My 1st degree was Sociology/Crimia Justice.

Have you guys applied to any other programs?  I am also waiting to hear from UConn...


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14 hours ago, Bethajan said:

Have you guys applied to any other programs?  I am also waiting to hear from UConn...

14 hours ago, Bethajan said:

Hi! Sooo I also applied to Stonybrook, SUNY Downstate, Binghamton, Drexel, (last semester I only applied to NYU, Pace, and Molloy—waitlisted for NYU, interviewed then rejected for Pace, rejected from Molloy)

This semester I was going to also apply to UMass and UMiami, however I found out I got into Drexel so I did not. 
Sorry for all the info and oversharing, there are a lot of accelerated programs out there! LOL

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On 1/19/2021 at 8:40 AM, Bethajan said:

Have you guys applied to any other programs?  I am also waiting to hear from UConn...

Hey there! I've also applied to some other programs: Sacred Heart, UMass Boston, Salem State, and CCSU for their normal paced BSN (have already been accepted to CCSU! 🙂 ). Hopefully we all get good news! 


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Hi everyone! 

Quinnipiac is my first choice but I’m also waiting to hear from SCSU accelerated program and gateways certificate program if I don’t get into either of the accelerated programs. My undergraduate degree is from UCONN in anthropology and sociology and that was 15 years ago!! I decided to switch careers bc I’m a mom of three little boys and I need to do more for them and show them no matter what age you are you can still follow your dreams! 

my pre reqs:

AP1- A

AP2- A-

Micro- A

Stats- A-, but I am retaking Stats now bc it’s over 5 years old. 

Lifespan -A

does anyone know what the first semester class load looks like? Do you think it will be online at all because of COVID?

I’m super excited and nervous and anxiously waiting decisions! Best of luck to everyone!


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Hi everyone, I applied to Quinnipiac as well! 

My 1st undergrad overall GPA was a 3.7 and my pre-req grades are:

AP1- B+

AP2- B

Micro- A

Stats- A

Since the pre-reqs QU considers are so minimal I'm worried about my pre-req GPA not being so high but hoping for the best!!

I'm also waiting to hear back from SCSU and Sacred Heart as well and will potentially be applying to UM in Florida. Fingers crossed that we hear back sooner than later, and good luck to everyone!  



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Has anyone heard back about anything? 


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On 2/12/2021 at 10:45 AM, nurseally7299 said:

Has anyone heard back about anything? 

Nothing yet! I had a friend attend QU ABSN and she didn’t hear back until mid March.