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Hi all! I took my NCLEX on Tues at 2pm. I was done before 3pm. It is now 230 on Thurs and my quick results are not yet posted. When I called Pearson Vue to ask when they will be posted, they said they will not be posted until Friday at 7am since the 48 hours starts from the next full business day. Has anyone else had this problem? This makes no sense.

Silverdragon102, BSN

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Check later today and you should see the quick results as long as the state participates in it

akulahawkRN, ADN, RN, EMT-P

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Check later this afternoon... 48 hours after you've finished the exam. It's possible that your results will be visible then, if your state participates in the program. Also, by now the PVT should be very, very accurate, so whatever result you're getting now should be the same as the quick results.

When I took the nclex last month it was the same as you. I got my results around 3:15 2 days after taking the test. Then about 30 minutes after that my license number showed up on my states BON site.

Its now been over 48 hours since finishing the exam. (I finished by 2:45.) The PVT trick was the good pop up but I'm still so anxious, I just want to know for sure already.

I hope my results are up by 3:15 too! So far, still nothing...

They're up! I passed!


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We'll done!