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Newly licensed RN. Passed the NCLEX with 75 questions using ATI to study. Love using this site for its amazing users with excellent advise. Love answering questions for nursing students since the experience is still very fresh in my mind. Being a new grad is tough.

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  1. jessica8302

    1st time 3rd shifter needs advice

    I'm a new grad who finally found a job at a LTC/rehab facility. I picked 3rd shift (2230-0630) because I figured I could still be super involved in my kids lives who are 5 and 6. My only problem is this: I have never worked an overnight shift in my l...
  2. jessica8302

    New Grad=No experience HELP!

    I am happy to report I finally got a job at a rehab facility!!!! I feel like a million pounds have been lifted off my shoulders!!! Thanks for all the wonderful advice!
  3. jessica8302

    2014's Best & Worst States for Nurses

    I'm really surprised North Carolina is not lower on the list!
  4. jessica8302

    Anyone , ATI tutor

    You pay for it. Most of mine was included in the cost of books when I started nursing school. The virtual tutor I had to pay out of pocket.
  5. jessica8302

    Depressed Lvn grad

    You aren't alone! I got my RN license last month in NC and have zero luck finding a job. Hospitals are hiring just a handful of new grads. I go to interviews at LTC facilities and they tell me I should work in a hospital as a new grad. I've even had ...
  6. jessica8302

    Before Nursing School

    Totally agree! Do everything you love and be with all your friends and family. Nursing school requires your full attention. Don't worry about brushing up on anything, that comes with the studying. Enjoy your free time, make memories, and have fun! I ...
  7. jessica8302

    Nursing Certs for New Grads

    Definitely going to check into that. I would love to work telemetry so that's perfect. Even better that I don't need experience. Thinking of doing an ECG class too.
  8. jessica8302

    Nursing Certs for New Grads

    Oh wow awesome! I love free haha. Thanks so much!!
  9. jessica8302

    Nursing Certs for New Grads

    I'm having a super hard time finding a job as a new grad. Someone suggested to look into getting extra certifications to help me. What are some suggestions for certifications for a new grad?
  10. jessica8302

    New Grad=No experience HELP!

    I also choose not to work because I knew I would not have much time for my 2 small children and I was not about to sacrifice that. I know I'm sure that sounds stupid too but I will never regret that decision.
  11. jessica8302

    75 questions, got the pop up, is it too soon ??

    The exact same thing happened to me and I am now officially an RN :)
  12. jessica8302

    Freaking out!!!!!

    I recommend ATI. I used the Saunders book during nursing school but felt it was too much to look over for the nclex. Do a self assessment on all areas. Study your weaknesses and just quick review what you know. SATA are really not that bad once you k...
  13. jessica8302

    Tips on passing the NCLEX? Study plan for 6 weeks out?

    I recommend the ATI virtual tutor. It is $275 and you get your own personal tutor. Everything is online and it is a structured lesson plan. It I worth every single penny. The lesson plan is also structured to the time you are able to put in it. It al...
  14. jessica8302

    Quick Results

    Yay!!! Congrats!!!!
  15. jessica8302

    NY Med (TV Show)

    I really like the show. It don't really think it's a reality show. I would call it a documentary. It gives a great insight into a really amazing hospital.
  16. jessica8302

    New Grad=No experience HELP!

    Thanks for the advise! A few of the LTC interviews I went to recommended I work in a hospital first. It's also hard to network because I don't know hardly anyone in my town (not from here and nursing school made me a hermit haha).