Quick Obesity Questions! Please help.



What percentage of your VISITORS to the patient room are obese? Is this getting worse? Do you end up supplying them with a bariatric chair?

I need help with these questions for a paper I am writing! Any help would be greatly appreciated!!:wink2:




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I'd venture a good 50% of everybody I see is obese. In the patient population, even moreso. I don't do much about it. We don't have any bariatric chairs. Nobody's broken a chair yet.


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I agree with above poster. There are a lot of obese visitors- no broken chairs nor have any asked for any special (larger)chairs. However, during prolonged training sessions, most larger staff do prefer the chairs without arm rests- to allow extra hip room.

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We do bariatric surgery at our facility and have a few chairs but so far no injuries.

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about 50% of visitors and at least that many staff (of which i am one). a few broken chairs. why is it always the staff chairs the visitors break by sitting in them and bouncing up and down?

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I have started to tell people off for taking the chairs at the nurses station - there are plenty of others around.

I work in Boulder CO so I'd say about 25%. Haven't needed bariatric equipment.

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I'd say a rough estimate of 66-75% of visitors are obese. We don't have special chairs, but all of our rooms have recliners in them that support larger people with no problems.

We actually have rooms on our floor specifically for bariatric patients that are significantly larger than our regular rooms so that all the equipment will fit in.

can you imagine if you brought in a 'special' chair for a visitor without them requesting it? i can't imagine that would be dignified or go over well..........

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