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QUESTION: What is the best LVN/PN NCLEX review program money can buy?


I recently graduated from nursing school and I have taken my NCLEX in APRIL, just to find out I failed. I felt very prepared. Received 85%-95% on Saunders comprehensive test (via CD-ROM), floated in the 80%-92% with Exam Cram and even did random test's from various other authors and books (via FREE BARNES & NOBEL). Sure enough, after getting my result's I was devastated and extremely disgusted. I graduated top of my class and felt very knowledgeable with a lot of the material, but still, nothing ever prepared me on what I found when I took the actual NCLEX, in California. 4-6hrs studying a day, working out, relaxation techniques, breathing exercises, I should have passed. So my question now is- WHAT IS THE BEST LVN/PN NCLEX REVIEW program you guys can think of, where money is no object. Online/In-Person/Special order it doesn't matter- I would like to hear what has worked for people that struggled. I have spend the last two day's reading about Tip's and Trick's already only to find out that I am utilizing 90% of the overall test taking strategies. I guess the only thing I haven't done was join a review course program such as KAPLAN etc.

I am looking for things with the following criteria:

a) Program that mimicks COMPUTER ADAPTIVE TESTING- in other words a program virtually similar to that of Pearson, that gets harder with the right answer or easier with the wrong.

b) Something that has a lot of SATA question. I believe I had almost 20 SATA out of 85 questions.

c) A website/program that actually has a listing of the most difficult used 'medical terms' that may be found in NCLEX. There were terms used I was completely unfamiliar with.

d) A program/information to find the most recent drug's that most likely will be used during NCLEX. (I graduated end of December, but did not get my authorization to test till mid-end of Feb. and a month to study. However, I ran into two drug question's I have never even heard the name off :( :( so upsenting.

I am looking for anything really!! I have friends that recently paid $399.00 for a three-day review course and they failed as well :(. I don't want to waste my money, I am looking for the best. Whether it is a book, online or in person. Any thoughts and assistance is clearly welcomed. Thank you for reading this and helping out.

Thanks guys and this wonderful community- if it wasn't for this community and my family I would be giving up.

The hardest one I've found is the blue NCLEX book written by HESI.

Amazon.com: Evolve Reach Testing and Remediation Comprehensive Review for the NCLEX-PN

there's a quick link for you :)

On Saunders, I was doing great, and the Davis book as well as many flashcards and CDs - then I took the exam on this CD and scored a 60%. Boy, was that an eye opener!

It prints a content guide for you after you take the tests to tell you what areas to study. The downside is the CD doesn't have nearly as many questions, but they are harder and the rationales are more comprehensive.

Sorry to hear about your luck - hope this helps!

FA Davis Q and A NCLEX-RN is good. even for LPNs. Good luck!

What is best for one person may not be best for you. You need to investigate what is out there and choose what looks like it will be good for you to work with. Most people are successful without using a review course at all. They just buy one of the review books and get themselves ready. Good luck.

Thanks to everyone who has been responding. I am still looking and hope I can get more feedback to online review courses, DVD reviews etc that are found floating out there.

I personally found Mosby the most "like" the NCLEX... good luck!

i took the hurst review online but they also do in class reviews. I thought that it was amazing!! i absolutely loved it and passed the nclex on the first try by doing that and reviewing for saunders. it was 300 bucks for 90 days and all the videos of all the lectures were in a youtube video format. you can go on the website and check it out!!


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I used learningtext.com/ ncsbn. They write the nclex. It was a very thorough review and you can select how many weeks you want. I couldn't even complete it all in the three weeks I purchased ($50.). It was mandatory for my nursing school, along with an ati success pkg. Good luck!

What is SATA questions?

what is sata questions?

select all that apply questions


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