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  1. select all that apply questions
  2. teebest

    I DID IT!!!

    congratulations and best of luck in your career. so what worked for you do this time around?
  3. teebest

    How much is school costing you?

    Hi rhodygirl, which school is that?
  4. teebest

    How Rude your own loved one can be sometimes ?

    I sincerely believe he said that for you not t stress yourself and also for you to know he cares whether you pass the first time or not. your anxiety is giving you negative thoughts, don't allow that to happen. stop stressing about it, you can do it, you are a strong woman and for you to have come to this level, trust me, you can even move higher than that. Don't let the mountain move you, move the mountain and bring it to a low land, yes you can. best of luck. btw, what rn school did you go? that was so fast, including ur prereqs?
  5. teebest

    So I grew a pair and did the trick LOL

  6. teebest

    NCLEX-PN tomorrow morning.

    may God guide you as you choose your answers. go in faith and come back with victory. it is well with you.
  7. teebest

    accelerated BSN program

    Thanks so much for the information. so on your certificate, does it say accBSN or what ? and also whats the average tuition for this program cos i'm looking into taking this route asap but will need to start my pre-reqs first of all. what pre-reqs do i need to? once again, thanks a million.
  8. teebest

    accelerated BSN program

    Is anyone there...........pls respond.
  9. teebest

    accelerated BSN program

    Hi, I will like to know the elegibility requirements for taking the acc BSN program apart from the first degree and also, what are the pros and cons of taking that route into the nursing field? Again, i will like to know if there are limitations when trying to get a job after graduation. will a graduate from An acc BSN program be called an RN? altogether, i will like to know more about this route into the nursing field. thanks;);):spin:
  10. teebest

    I passsed the nclex pn!!!

  11. teebest

    NCLEX-VN in CA be prepared to wait!

    congrats. what did you use in studying, also, did you go for any review classes and where? i av been out of school for four years in CA and ready to face it now. thanks
  12. teebest

    I FINALLY DID IT!!!!!!!

    thanks , I'll try and get a good one in CA
  13. teebest

    out of nursing school for 4 years

    thanks alot.can you please put me through how you did it after 4years, pls. books you used, how long you studied and all. Also, did u do the live classes or online classes? was it for RN or LVN? :confused:
  14. teebest

    Review class recommendation

    thanks. i was thinking a live or online refresher course can help too.
  15. teebest

    out of nursing school for 4 years

    don't be afraid, God will help us. i'm using saunders to refresh my memory right now. will do 100-150 a day, until i'm ready. goodluck