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Ive reading something good about suzanne's plan, and i would really love to try it...but the thing is...i only have Saunders 3rd ed....a friend who took the exam and passed last year lent it to me. Buying a new one would be costly.

Im just satying with my aunt temporarily in a small town here in MA, and the library isnt really updated. I dont know anyone else here except for the friend who lent me her book.

Can i make do with the book and use it for suzanne's plan?

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Things change and better to get a more up to date edition. There are a couple of online websites where you maybe able to get a cheap used copy


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Hi there. I used that with my exam last october 28 of this year. Together with saunder's q & A and saunder's alternate item format. And thankfully i passed. But given a chance and time, i would've bought the saunder's 4th edition..but just saying that it worked for me with that edition. Good luck to your exam.


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Hey There,

My friend has the Saunders 3rd edition and he passed last month with it. He mentioned to me that he went to the book store and saw only slight differences in the 3rd vs. 4th edition. He said he only saw an additonal 200 questions and as far as SELECT ALL THE APPLY which would be the format question that is included in the 4th edition... just practice those using NCLEX 3500 GOOGLE IT... Its a free online course.. there are alternate questions there which are the select all that apply format and you can practice those with nxclex 3500. I dont see why you have to stress over this. The important thing is that you do study all the sections.. i mean dnot read all the chapters but do all the questions in the back of each chapter and then when completed do the entire cd... area by area read the rationales and make sure you do study the pharmacology towards the end... study all pharm and then look up under tv commercials for common meds. Book mark this page.. this is in addition to the pharm section in Saunders.

Also very helpful for Priority questions is a book titled: Prioritization, Delegation and Assignment by: Linda A. Lacharity.. it will help a lot with priority type questions... do all the chapters except the ones in the back that are case studies do not do those.

Good Luck I hope this helps.


Not to do Suzanne's Plan as required, no, it is not, which is why she requires that you get the most recent.


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I've been using Saunders comprehensive review NCLEX RN 4th edition and finished the questions from the CD and my Question is, Do I still need to get SAunders Q and A 4th ed for an add'l questions and learn the new layout of the Nclex RN exam? By the way, Im december test taker and still waiting for the result. I got back to my Study routine.



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Get the Q and A book if you feel it will be helpful. I got both and am not certain (for myself) that the second book is really all that necessary. It is up to you based on what you can afford and whether you have to time to go through both books. Good luck.

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