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  1. cubano30

    Just ordered NCSBN course review

    Hi NutmegPSU, Its the first thread (IN GREEN) when you log into allnurses.com: ANYONE UP FOR RANDOM FACT THROWING. https://allnurses.com/nclex-discussion-forum/ Good Luck Cubano30:up:
  2. cubano30

    Just ordered NCSBN course review

    Beachbutterfly, Thanks for the feedback. I paid my fee with pearsonvue and already have my ATT however I have not scheduled my exam date. I am planning either mid or end of August. I need to prepare hard so that I can have a good shot at passing. Its a lot of content and I feel having an overall grasp in every area is best this way I wont feel short changed and hit myself in the head for falling short in a particular area of review. I wish you best of luck. I know that it can be done. With a combination of sacrifice and Gods will it will happen. All the Best, Cubano30:up:
  3. cubano30

    Just ordered NCSBN course review

    To all that have posted on this thread: I was looking at what most of you wrote here and I felt I should offer this tip. I would not go to crazy with regards to the infection control from the CDC cause its just way to much and confusing. I found very useful information about infection control as well as Mnemonics that are super neat in helping one memorize what goes with what. PLEASE VISIT THE ABOVE THREAD WHEN YOU LOG IN CALLED RANDOM FACT THROWING.... In addition that infection control you guys will also see so many wonderful tips and topics that you may completely forget to cover yet will realize it amazing stuff which could show up.. I for one plan on using saunders 4th edition cd, the prioritization, delegation and assignment book by Linda A. Lacharity, THE NCSBN AND the Random Fact throwing Thread as my study tools. I was motivated by your thread here with regards to the NCSBN cause I was little concerned if it be worthwhile and from the feedback stated here I see it very well may be a good investment. I hope the info I put has helped. With regards to the infection control I do not recall which pages its on in the Random Fact Throwing but go through it and print it out. Perhaps copy and paste onto word. GOOD LUCK EVERYONE Cubano30:up:
  4. cubano30

    NCLEX shut off at 118-120

    KINDNESS9972, Congrats... Could you share what you used to study and for how long? Thanks, Cubano30
  5. cubano30

    Just took the NCLEX

    Hi Maebell1925, I wish you much luck. May I ask what you did differently to prepare this 4th time. If you used a book or cd how did you use it to prepare how many questions per day for how much time in total?
  6. cubano30

    Just took the NCLEX

    Was your last question a med or priority question ?
  7. cubano30

    NCLEX RN (I took my boards TODAY)

    Stacy, Congrats to you. I am very happy that you will move on with your life and fulfill all your dreams. Stacy would you share what books helped you prepare for NCLEX RN ? Also how long did you study for? Thanks, Rey
  8. cubano30

    Question: I only have Saunders 3rd ed

    Hey There, My friend has the Saunders 3rd edition and he passed last month with it. He mentioned to me that he went to the book store and saw only slight differences in the 3rd vs. 4th edition. He said he only saw an additonal 200 questions and as far as SELECT ALL THE APPLY which would be the format question that is included in the 4th edition... just practice those using NCLEX 3500 GOOGLE IT... Its a free online course.. there are alternate questions there which are the select all that apply format and you can practice those with nxclex 3500. I dont see why you have to stress over this. The important thing is that you do study all the sections.. i mean dnot read all the chapters but do all the questions in the back of each chapter and then when completed do the entire cd... area by area read the rationales and make sure you do study the pharmacology towards the end... study all pharm and then look up under tv commercials for common meds. http://www.vaughns-1-pagers.com/medicine/tv-drug-ads.htm Book mark this page.. this is in addition to the pharm section in Saunders. Also very helpful for Priority questions is a book titled: Prioritization, Delegation and Assignment by: Linda A. Lacharity.. it will help a lot with priority type questions... do all the chapters except the ones in the back that are case studies do not do those. Good Luck I hope this helps. Cubano30:up:
  9. cubano30

    NCLEX-PN in the AM

    Sending good thoughts your way:jester:... Keep us posted..... Good luck!! Cubano30:up:
  10. cubano30

    NCLEX Frustration...75 Questions!

    CleveRN2008: Hey there Congrats... How did you find Ncsbn website as a study tool? Thanks, Cubano30:up:
  11. cubano30

    Just took Nclex RN Oct 6th 2008

    October 14th, 2008 Hi everyone. As promised I received my results today in the mail. The verdict as I expected was not good as I did not pass. However I did show some improvement in my performance report. Here is the breakdown: Psychosocial Integrity: Below the passing standard Reduction of Risk Potential: Near the passing standard Management of Care: Near the passing standard Physiological Adaptation: Near the passing standard Basic Care and Comfort: Near the passing standard Health Promotion and Maintenance: Near the passing standard Pharmacological and Parenteral Therapies: Near the passing standard Safety and Infection Control: Above the passing standard I have contacted a counselor who I was referred to that will be kind enough to sit with me and will direct me on some pointers to tackle the beast on my next round. I will keep my head REAL HIGH... I will pass I know I will. God will not fail me. Additionally I have been blessed to have this website and be able to be in communication with yo9u wonderful people and I have learned so much from each of you. Also a special thank you to Suzanne4 for her positive feedback and recommendation of the Saunders Comprehensive Book. I really wish everyone else who reads this to believe in yourself and NOT GIVE UP.... NEVER EVER!!!!! Please if you made it this far are you going to let NCLEX stop your true reason of being on this planet? From fulfilling your dream? I am determined to FIGHT and I will tackle this obstacle and move on. Will Keep you guys posted. Much luck to the rest of you in brinks of taking the exam and those of you taking it in the near future. Like I said last time. "Its not how many times you fall but how many times you get up that matters" Cubano30:up:
  12. cubano30

    Just took NCLEX today

    Hey there, Which Saunders book did you use 3rd or 4th edition? You read the entire book? What about doing the questions in the cd in the back of the book? I wish you much luck!!! Cubano30:up:
  13. cubano30

    Just took Nclex RN Oct 6th 2008

    Wattri, Thanks so much for your support. Before I continue I must say something. PLEASE DON'T GIVE UP!!!! YOU CAN AND YOU WILL DO IT. There is no more thinking back what if?? NO!!! YOU WILL... YOU WILL regain that strength. Its not about what the others think. ITS ABOUT YOU. You were sent here and I was sent to this planet to do what I feel I am fit for. That is to care for sick people. I WILL retake NCLEX 10 times if I have to. I will not let it redirect my obligation of becoming a nurse. I want this and I will fight till I get it. You and I and many that get into nursing do it because we want to help others. Some do it for money. The way I see it is if it's not your natural desire you will not be in the field to long. You have to love it. Do this for yourself. Regardless how many times you may have to retake it. In response to your question about what you need to do for a 4th time. I do not know what state you are in. Some states have no limit in the amt. of time. Others require some sort of remedial in order to sit for the 4th time. You have to call the board of nbursing and if you are required to do remedial than you may need to do this first. If anything keep me posted and message me. Good Luck and Please Dont give up. Cubano30:up:
  14. cubano30

    I passed!

    Rizon25, Congrats to you. I have a question regarding infection control. Does anyone know if for contact precautions the door of the room is left open or closed? I looked in Kaplan and Saunders and could not find it. Thanks. Cubano30:up:
  15. cubano30

    Just took Nclex RN Oct 6th 2008

    Babygirl11, You are a sweetheart. I must agree that after finishing the NCLEX on Oct 6th I felt so sad. I already figured out that if your last question is a med or priority then its a pass. I have spoken to many about their last question and sure enough if its a content question its not a good sign as it was for me. I know many here debate the number of questions in not being a factor and that I completely agree with. However I have noticed that what holds certain is the last question being a higher level or lower level. If that last question is high level even if you get it wrong you pass plain and simple. Ask everyone here that passes and you will see my point. Anyhow on another note. I am feeling better. Although my results are in via pearson I refuse to look at them because I am sure its not good nd why spend the $7.95. I checked online thru my Board Of Nursing and my name is not there. When my brother took his exam back in Aptil he passed and his name popped up the next day. So this is another indicator of why I shouldnt spend the money for quick results. I spoke to my dad and explained my dissilusion. I vented how much I studied. That this was my 4th time around sitting for this exam which is putting me at a complete stop from being able to move on with my dreams as most here desire and come through with. I have studies hard and I guess what frustrates me most is although I understand the NCLEX SHOULD NOT be easy therefore we must prove compentency and be able to perform with in the best interest of the patient There are things about the exam that I find unfair. For example. Why do we need to be tested on meds we have never seen? I had 17 meds.... why would the ncsn include med questions in these testing banks that people are not familiar with. We are rookies. I mean its understandable for doctors to have a vast concept since they prescribe. We dont prescribe. Although I understand that having familiarity with common drugs and even memorizing the suffixes to a wide range of meds is important why do they insist in including MEDS we are not accustomed to seeing? Of my 17 meds I recognized 3. Another aspect of NLCEX I strong disagree with. While some of us have to answer questions like 20+ SATA OR 15+ MEDS why are there candidates that get away with 2 or 3 SATA or 2 or 3 meds? My brother had 6 meds when he sat for NCLEX. I had 20+ the 3rd time I sat and 17 meds this 4th attempt. Do you understand my point? The exam is adaptive meaning it focuses on a persons particular weak area. However I find that MEDS being high level questions... one would not get to that level unless you are responding to the prior question correctly. Therefore why do some people get tackled so much harder? I strongly believe that ONE MUST KNOW THEIR CONTENT but a very beneficial factor is the group of questions one gets. Anyhow I wish everyone preparing for this test all the best.... Please do understand that some of you may have attended Nursing Programs that included additional tools to better prepare you and perhaps you did not have to study for this test or studied very little please do cheer on those of us that were not as fortunate and are warriors in having to repeat this exam that does present a challenge to us. It will only make is that much stonger in what we want. Everyone remember this famous quote: "Its not how many times you fall, but how many times you get up that matters" Cheers, Cubano30:up:
  16. cubano30

    I took my NCLEX on 10/07/08

    Congrats... It does not give a grade only pass or fail......