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Question for Excelsior students

I am looking into taking the AS in nursing program online. I have been taking prerequisites at the local community college but since I am due with my second child in Janurary it won't be easy to keep going to school with two kids. Here is a little of my previous work background; after working in a pharamacy for a year I joined the Army and went through 68w (or medic) AIT. I never failed a written test once and the practical exams on people were a breeze. Briefly after leaving AIT I found out I was pregnant so after working in the TMC on post for 8 months I got out at 35 weeks pregnant. Since then I haven't worked anywhere that I was able to do stuff as invasive as at the TMC (shots, I.V's, std screening, stitches etc) so its been almost three years since I've done any real hands on clinical work, though I was a home aide for a year before moving to another state. I am going to get my CNA at the community college (sometime after baby) so I can work part time in the medical field again.

Anyways, can someone explain how the tests work? Do you have study material and then take the test so many weeks or months later? I still need to take A&P and Microbology at the school and I am taking my last two non science general ed courses online after baby is born (hopefully). If I call Excelsior will they tell me what general ed classes I need to take? I think I would like to finish them at the community college because its less expensive(maybe. the one I got too is more then the one my sister goes to and she lives in California!). I have checked mith the nursing board in my state and a nursing degree from Excelsior is accepted.

Any other information would be wonderful and greatly appreciated! Thanks for your time!!!:D:D:D

Go to their website, http://www.excelsior.edu, a list of required courses can be found there. Lots of other info too. You can print off a copy of the study guide for the first nursing exam and see what it is like. About 160 questions covering the material in the outline. A list of recommended texts is printed in the study guide. You can also find the recommended texts listed on the bookstore link. Write down the ISBN numbers and get the books elsewhere cheaper, or check them out from a library. There are also other numerous study materials out there, Flashcards: The world's largest online library of printable flash cards, studyguide101and lisa arends CDs can be found on ebay, study material from the various publishing companies can be found on ebay also. You pay for and sign up for the exams, then take the exams when you are ready. Some people take a nursing exam every three weeks and knock them out.

I called because I couldn't find the gerneral ed requirements online:uhoh3: and the lady didn't mention anything about math or history. But she gave me the following classes I would need to take: Freshman level english, humanities, lifespan development physch, sociology, A&P 1&2, microbiology, information literacy, and seven elective credits. Does that sound about right? No math or history? If I have taken them would they count as electives?

I have taken nutrition and english compostion and am currently taking problem solving (college level math) and interpersonal communications. Thanks for any advice. I

TashaLPN2006RN2012 specializes in Home Health, Podiatry, Neurology, Case Mgmt.

yup sounds right! if you have taken ANY college course anywhere have your transcripts sent in to EC (after you pay the application fee) to get an unofficial review. You may have credit for some and not even know it!

Thank you I actually just asked you a question on another one of your threads :D. I see your husband is in the military? Mine is too!

TashaLPN2006RN2012 specializes in Home Health, Podiatry, Neurology, Case Mgmt.

yes Army! =) Been living this life for 6yrs...whew it gets tough but it's better than nothing!

Mine is too well national guard now. He was deployed for a second time when our first son was born but shouldn't have to be again for a while!

So anyone else have some more infor on Excelsior for me? Or online lab classes I can take? Or if their are any other schools that accept military experience as credit to get into a nursing program? Thanks!

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I am also looking into the online Excelsior program......I'm curious to hear from people who have completed the program and what the experience was like!

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hi there Muffin, i just completed the program and i Loved it. my graduation date is 9-17-10. first thing you should do is call EC or apply and see where you stand as far as credits and what exams you will need. then just go from there. You have to do this program for you, because you are the only one who will be studying and preparing for this challenge. it is all very worth it. and i've had great experiences with everything. EVEN MY CPNE!!!

I was in the program before they added the FCCA but i did hear it's do-able.

there are alot of post re: Excelsior, when you get time just browse through them.

hope this helps

smitty, GN

Make sure 68w is a MOS that qualifies you to do the excelsior program.

It is I have talked to them about it twice. Thanks!

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I finished EC with the MOS of 91B which is an older version of 68W, you shouldn't have any problem with the program.

Good luck to you


Make sure 68w is a MOS that qualifies you to do the excelsior program.


I finished EC with the MOS of 91B which is an older version of 68W, you shouldn't have any problem with the program.

Good luck to you


Thanks Steve!

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As Tasha mentioned, applying ($75 fee) and having them evaluate your transcripts before doing anything else is a good course of action -- your best bet is to know what you truly need before you get started!

If you haven't already, sign up for an account on the EC website, then check out their publications. Download/read the catalogs that are specific to the school of nursing and the ADN program. There is a ton of info in this forum as well regarding CLEPs you can take, etc., to help cut costs. And we're here as a resource, of course. :)


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