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  1. muffin621

    Question for Excelsior students

    I am also looking into the online Excelsior program......I'm curious to hear from people who have completed the program and what the experience was like!
  2. muffin621

    Online LPN to RN programs

    Thanks :)
  3. muffin621

    Online LPN to RN programs

    Thanks! I am in the New England area. I know that Excelsior has a program and that there are other providers such as College Network,Chancellor,Rue that provide the study guides.There is an intensive clinical that you do at the end of the program. I was just curious if anyone has done or know someone who has done the program through Excelsior. The college that I wanted to apply to gives me credit for the first year of nursing classes....but since all of my science pre-recs are more than 5 yrs old, I have to retake them all.One by one.And it feels like that is going to take forever!! :)
  4. muffin621

    Online LPN to RN programs

    Hi,I am new to this site. I have been an LPN for 2 years now. I was wondering if anyone has taken any of the online LPN to RN programs, and if so, what the experience was like. Sorry if this question has been posted before :)