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  1. ria007


    I have done corrections before the risk is not any greater than any other job... When you hear jail or prison it make everyone uncomfortable... It was actually the easiest nursing job I ever had...
  2. ria007

    Question for Excelsior students

    Make sure 68w is a MOS that qualifies you to do the excelsior program.
  3. ria007

    rnbridgeprogram.com input

    Good to know I have text books too... Im just trying to cut down on study time wanna take FCCA before it goes to computer...
  4. ria007

    rnbridgeprogram.com input

    Me too back when I was young or younger..lol I use to go to class and remember everthing from the lecture...so one more question do you think they go over the content of the exam or everything? Im studying for LS1... I might just try it can hurt its only 97 bucks...
  5. ria007

    I'm really struggling with A&P need some support =(

    I knew I couldnt take a&p by exam so before i enrolled i took both 1 & 2 and micro at a community college... Worked out better for me. That might be an option for you. I even took a&p2 and micro online at the same time, got an A and B... I can say that the A&P coloring book really hepled me have you tried one... Whatever you decide quiting is not an option, if takes you a little longer so be, but most of us became LPN's with the intentions of becoming RN's...Chillax and breath...:)
  6. Has anyone used rnbridgeprogram to study for and pass excelsior nursing exams... Thinking about trying it for a month for my last to exams...Im running out of time and I want to take the FCCA while its still on paper.
  7. ria007

    Is it to late for me to become a Nurse?

    I think you are never too old to go back to school, but I just think alot of people are going into nursing for the wrong reasons...The hours are long at times the work is hard and some patiens and families can be a pain... Its not any different than any other job in that respect. There is something very rewarding about caring for some one who can not care for themselves. If you dont love it you will be one of those nurses we all talk about...lol Ive seen male nurses treated way better and paid more than female nurses over my 15 years so you don't have to worry bout that part. I think a self examination is in order before you make the leap.
  8. ria007

    Excelsior...Any end in sight?

    I took Micro at the community college it was cheap and I didnt have the stress of another exam to worry about... Just took lifespan 2 and passed it feels good to be so close to my goal...If 2-3 months is how long it takes you then stick with what works. Between work and family that might be how long it takes to study for an exam. I took months for some and weeks for others... one test at a time. Best Wishes Maria
  9. ria007

    Reproductive Health Exam

    I thought it would be hard so I studied for 2 months got a B wasnt as hard as I thought...Im learning to just follow the content guide....
  10. ria007

    maternity or chronicity?

    I use the books listed in the EC study guide also use studygroup 101 notes. only studied for 2weeks for this one, because I got nervous about repoduction and skiped it.Got a c on cronicity and a B on repo...
  11. ria007

    Relocating to Charlotte

    LPN's are making 20-22 in charlotte... They are low balling you. I make 27...
  12. ria007


    maltesegrl, you are misinformed about excelsior college you should go to there website and do a little research. the cost is 240 for a 3 credit nursing exam, that is way less than the community college where i live...i think it is a great program for seasoned medical professionals...10 thousand is also cheaper than most universities...
  13. ria007

    Pearsonvue "Trick". Is this TRUE? Does it Work Every Time?

    I took my board in LPN boards in florida...
  14. ria007

    Pearsonvue "Trick". Is this TRUE? Does it Work Every Time?

    I couldnt read all the replies, but I dont think that pearson vue "trick" is the way to go...I know every state is different, but in florida your results are post on the BON website within a week to verify licensure...So if you call and ask for your number and they give you one you PASS!Good luck to all...
  15. ria007

    Good A&P Review Book?

    I bought a A&P coloring book for barnes and nobel that help me, just need a pack of colored pencils:-)
  16. ria007

    Where do you have to live for the reserves?

    I was a in the army reserves for 8 year as a surgical tech...I also was in college and got married so I moved several times and drilled in 3 diff states, including Miami were there is no real base for training. We went to a the Miami VA hospital for weekend drill and everywhere else for summer camp (2 week annual training) hope this helps...:)

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