Question about BSN tuition reimbursement from employer


Does anyone know if an employer will offer BSN tuition reimbursement AFTER you have completed your BSN? If I had the choice, I would have waited for a job where my employer would pay for some of my BSN courses, but with this economy, who knows how long until I find a job that does that. I started my BSN program right after graduating from an ADN program because I did not want too long for the reason I mentioned above, and I wanted to get it done ASAP. If you save all your receipts, will an employer reimburse you after you have received your BSN? Has anyone heard of this?


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Some employers will reimburse student loans. Not sure about reimbursing directly to the employee who paid for school out right. You can ask the nurse recruiters at different hospitals/agencies that you are considering applying to.


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Yes. My local hospital offered this for selected 2009 & 2010 graduates. I'm not sure if they did it again this year as nursing jobs kind of disappeared over the last year.


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In my experience over many years (with many different employers), the employers I have had would only reimburse tuition (to whatever extent they did offer tuition reimbursement) for courses as you took them -- not after the fact.

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We stopped doing it at all as a BSN is now necessary for any nursing employment, so they no longer felt obliged to pay for it. I know some other places still do pay for it if you are already an employee in good standing. I have never heard of it being paid for after the fact, except by the NHSC.

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I have never, ever heard of an employer paying retroactive school expenses.

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after??? you mean after you were hired with a bsn (probably because they preferred a bsn) or after you received a bsn while working and did not sign up for the re-embursement program while you were attending the school??? no, i have never heard of an employer paying for an employee's education after he/she earned the degree except in the form of sign on bonuses.

a long time ago employers gave employees hiring bonuses that were insane ($5000-20,000+relocation expenses) that an employee could then use to pay off his/her loans, but i do not hear of such things any more. in fact, it has been so long ago since i have heard nurses receiving such benefits, i am beginning to think it was a myth...:rolleyes:

on the other hand, some companies will provide reimbursement for some of the expenses incurred by the employee to complete his/her degree. one of my former employers required every semester to be approved by our department head and the employee owed the employer x number of years afterwards. i paid cash for my bsn so i would owe nobody my time or my financial future.


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When I started nursing school in 2007, every hospital in the city offered tuition reimbursement and/or loan repayment benefits. If you were a CNA you could get your RN all the way to your MSN paid in full with just passing grades. Now a new grad is lucky to get a job in any field. Loan repayment or tuition reimburesement is a highly coveted benefit for only the most select people. If you want to be a nurse or further your education, do it because it's what you are drive. Repayment from your employer is a rare bonus.