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So I took my nclex yesterday morning for the first time. I felt very strong about it through 74 and couldn't wait for it to **** off at 75... Then it kept going. I watched my friends finish and leave after about an hour knowing that they probably got 75. I hit 100. Then 150. Then 200. I knew I was in for the long haul. I got all 265 questions. Because I am the most impatient person ever I tried the PVT trick when I got home. I had a walmart gift card I used. My friend who had 75 questions that tested with me tried the PVT first using my card. She got the "good" popup saying she couldn't reschedule. Then I tried the trick using my same card and got the bad popup telling me I had insufficient funds to intact my bank. Another friend who tested the day before had 265 too but he never tried the PVT Cuz he "knew" he had failed. Well he got his quick results today and found out he passed. I'm wondering if there is anyone out there who got the bad popup but still passed? What are my odds? I have a job lined up counting on this. I'm so tired of studying. I prepared using kaplan. My school used it throughout our whole program. I made al benchmarks on my qbanks and sample tests and question trainers. And I skimmed through the Saunders nclex RN book. I was more prepared than most of my friends who had already passed so i Thought I was ready. I can't retest until August 2nd if I did fail. So I have to spend the rest of my summer studying :/


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S.. I'm wondering if there is anyone out there who got the bad popup but still passed? What are my odds?

The answers are Yes....and very small. Sorry.

MOST of the time if Pearson Vue lets you create another registration it is because you failed. However, SOME of the time it allows that registration even if you passed. That's why it's called a 'trick' and not 'real results'. It just isn't reliable. Odds are you didn't pass, but you cannot know for certain until you get official results.

If your State participates in Quick Results via PV, pay the eight bucks after 48 hours has passed and find out for sure.



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Sending positive vibes your way, my friend :) Try the quick results to get a definite answer! Don't give up hope just yet until you see it in writing!

I take my exam in a couple weeks. If you don't mind me asking, what was your exam made up of? Roughly how many meds, SATA, drag and drop, etc?

Don't give up, keep pushing through!


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My friend recently took the exam and did the PVT. She put the wrong exp and it took her to the bad popup "wrong cc info". She found out she passed a couple days later. So its definitely not reliable.


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She has to use a valid CC.


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If you use valid info, its pretty accurate.


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If you use valid info, its pretty accurate.

Refreshing to see a different opinion around here. Thanks!

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Don't get too worked up for nothing. It's just a trick, at best it's a magic 8 ball. If your state participates in the quick results pay the $8 to find out. There are times people get the bad pop up & have failed or passed. Don't let it worry you too much until you have found out for sure.

If you use valid info, its pretty accurate.

But it's not. I'd say at best it's 50/50.


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You're story sounds almost identical to mine... took it monday 6/22, all 265 questions, did the same thing with PVT with a card without enough funds and got insufficient funds message... I've been checking my state BON and my names not up there, my official results should be in today and I plan to pay for them to see for sure, but I'm certain I failed at this point :cry:. Please keep us updated, there's not a lot of info out there for the PVT when you get the insufficient funds message. I'll be sure to post so others can know too. Best of luck to you!


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I did indeed fail :/ I have the gut feeling that I did. However I did have a tiny glimmer of hope. But no luck there. I waited 48 hours and paid for my quick results and to see the word "FAIL" on the screen was worse than I could've imagined. I laid in bed and cried for days. I went grouch the whole DABDA grieving process lol. But I woke up Monday morning with a new perspective. A lot of people fail their first attempt and it's not the end of the world. Sure I would've liked to pass the first time but everything happens for a reason. I used kaplan to Study my first go round and only kaplan. I felt very unprepared by the program I graduated from. It wasn't enough. So on limited income I am investing in some good materials such as the NCSBN program, lacharity book, and uworld. I am going to retest as soon as I wait my 45 days which for me will be August 3. And i WILL pass the NCLEX, and be a wonderful nurse. In gods time not my time :) if you did fail, don't beat yourself up. Cry call our friends lean on your family feel sorry for yourself then pick up the pieces off the floor put them back together and push forward stronger than ever. We can do this!!!


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Sorry to hear this :(

When you get your CPR, be sure to go over it carefully so you can formulate a study plan for next time. BEFORE you invest a single dollar in any program, look at where your weaknesses were. Some programs are better for one type of study strategy than another.

Bring the results of the CPR here and it can be discussed :)

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I'm currently using Kaplan to prepare. Did you exhaust the Q bank and what were your scores on the Q trainers?