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  1. On_a_mission92

    I Hate People (my rant)

    I totally get you, I used want to study medicine as well but took nursing for the same reasons. I am a new grad starting soon and kind of share your feelings of people but not as intense. Its a good step to see a psychiatrist about this. At least you are doing something about these feelings. I wouldnt say I hate people, hate is a strong word. I just don't understand them at times and tend to be a loner. I have customer service experience and you'd be surprised by how just muting these negative thoughts let you just focus on the moment and interact with your surroundings. Good luck in school!
  2. On_a_mission92

    NCLEX yesterday...

    This may be a myth. People who are weak in OB will feel like they had a bunch of OB questions because that is what they focus on..... But what do I know I havent taken it yet
  3. On_a_mission92

    PVT and nclex yesterday

    My friend recently took the exam and did the PVT. She put the wrong exp and it took her to the bad popup "wrong cc info". She found out she passed a couple days later. So its definitely not reliable.
  4. Kaplan Q1- 66% Q2-68% Q4- 66% Q6- 76%- Took today Sample test 1 66% Sample test 2 62% Sample test 3 80% Sample test 4 32% I have taken 6 Qbank exams that average a 64% with many 75 questions each and the lowst exam only had 50 questions. Almost 75% done with the Qbank and have a 62% average there. Am I ready/ have a chance?
  5. On_a_mission92

    What are my chances? Kaplan Qbank

    A month I believe is 49$. Check their website :)
  6. On_a_mission92

    Please don't call me Dude

    Okay dude.
  7. On_a_mission92

    What are my chances? Kaplan Qbank

    Thank you for your reply!! Appreciate it:)
  8. On_a_mission92

    Timeline for graduation, NCLEX, and 1st RN Job

    Graduate-May 2015 Send in your application to BON and PearsonVue for the ATT- Sent application last week of April Get your authorization to test- ATT end of May Take the NCLEX (how soon did you schedule it?) -Scheduled 06/21 How long did you study before taking the NCLEX?- Aprox 4 weeks, only 2 serious How many questions and how long did it take you? Havent taken it yet When did you find out your NCLEX results, did you pass?- N/A Start applying for jobs- In school Get hired for your first nursing job (and what was it?)- Last week April Tele
  9. On_a_mission92

    What are my chances? Kaplan Qbank

    Caved and bought the Kaplan Qbank yesterday. I have completed about 35% of the questions so far and my average is 65%. Sample test 1 was 66% QT-1 66% QT-2 68% QT-4 66% Today I took 2 Qbanks tests: (Within 20 minutes of each other) At 50 questions= 70% At 60 questions= 78% Test is this upcoming Sunday, should I reschedule or are those scores pretty solid? Don't hate because I am seeking reassurance. lol Just have a job lined up I am worried about losing it.
  10. On_a_mission92

    Should I reschedule??

    Hello. I am scheduled for June 14. I have about 2 weeks and 3 days. I graduated in May but stopped studying at the beginning of April, when I passed the HESI exit exam with about a 950. I was sick of studying!!! I took in person Hurst review May 11-13. I started to really study this Sunday. About 100 questions a day and reviewing Hurst videos. Today I bought the Kaplan book that goes over strategies for test taking. I am really nervous because if I dont pass, I will lose a scholarship and a job that I already have on a tele floor. My scores for the Q banks on NCSBN are averaging a solild 70. They recommend 75 The first two Hurst Q reviews I got a 81 on the first one and 79 on the second. They recommend 85 Lippincott Passpoint (school recommeded) I score the highest mastery level of 8 in 75 questions. Level 4 is recommended. Any advice? I normally cram but thinking about this exam gets me lightheaded with so much pressure. I know if by chance I fail it wont be the end of the world though, and the earliest day I can reschedule is July 2. HR wants me to call and let them know my exam date. Sorry for the wall of text!
  11. On_a_mission92


    Hello! I am currently doing the 3 week study plan but went straight to doing the post test (recieved a 40%) and the Qbanks which I literally have gotten straight 70s on the 7 I have taken. I am getting worried with these scores. Since it says 70/75, why is that their recommended scores? To those who used NCBSN and passed the NCLEX what were your average scores on the Qbanks? Or if you have any advice please post :)
  12. On_a_mission92

    Telemetry/ IMCU Advice please!

    Ratio is 5:1 and all the nurses on the floor were stating its a busy floor. I am going to start orientation really soon classes first for a month and then 3 month preceptorship. Can people suggest tips for everything new grad. I know I have a lot of learning to do. Any tips based on developing a good relationship with the preceptor, other nurses, and manager. I tend to be shy and I do not want them to think I am rude or being a loof. Any books I can read on everything telemetry? What pts to exptect> I am thinking possible MI pts or post Mi, stroke pts, post cardiac cath-- I am probably missing types of pts, please name them! I really want to start strong! Also, please break down the whole preceptorship process. How will my first day be like? Would it be appropriate to ask the preceptor the culture of the floor? New grad turnover rate? What those new grads that left early needed to improve on? When will they typically expect me to be on my own with them shadowing me? I know its a total of 4 months precepting. Most common meds?
  13. On_a_mission92

    Where to do practicums?

    Hello all, I am going to be assigned to my practicums soon and wanted the advice of all you experienced people on the field now. I think I want to work ICU when I graduate. Should I try and get a ICU practicum or should I do med surge so I can get the basics through there? Thank you
  14. On_a_mission92

    Pharm Specialty Hesi Help

    Hey which Hesi Study guide, was it the book NCLEX-RN Examination by HESI or the study guide on evovle?
  15. On_a_mission92

    Unemployed New Nurses Would Be Wise To Remember These Equations

    I am more concerned with getting a job in the hospital as a new grad to get that experience I need to become an NP. Would I still have enough experience to become an NP if I go to get my masters without ever having a hospital RN job?
  16. On_a_mission92

    Can I do this and still get a bachelors in nursing?

    yes why not, its what i did, also cheaper, community college that offers BSN in Nursing even better!