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What are my chances? Kaplan Qbank


Caved and bought the Kaplan Qbank yesterday.

I have completed about 35% of the questions so far and my average is 65%.

Sample test 1 was 66%

QT-1 66%

QT-2 68%

QT-4 66%

Today I took 2 Qbanks tests: (Within 20 minutes of each other)

  1. At 50 questions= 70%
  2. At 60 questions= 78%

Test is this upcoming Sunday, should I reschedule or are those scores pretty solid?

Don't hate because I am seeking reassurance. lol Just have a job lined up I am worried about losing it.

Your scores are much better than mine and I passed in 75. However keep in mind that it's still a good idea to do as many questions and expose yourself to as much material as possible. All in all though, those are pretty much mind boggling scores for Kaplan (in a good way).

Thank you for your reply!! Appreciate it:)

How much was the Kaplan QBank?

A month I believe is 49$. Check their website :)

I took the Kaplan review course and our instructor let us know that test bank 6 and 7 were the most similar to NCLEX style questions that are above competency, and it showed for me. My scores on Qtrainer 6 and 7 were in the high 50's and low 60's and I passed NCLEX in 75 questions.

I think high 60's are excellent for Kaplan. I'm sure you'll do great!