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  1. I'm a new LPN and I've been submitting resumes and trying to land interviews as well as get call backs from interviews. Usually I'm great at the interview process, but this seems to be as big a challenge as getting through nursing school lol... Any advice?? TIA[emoji4]
  2. I have most of my pre reqs done for BCC and it looks like I won't be starting until 2017... Took time off to do the LPN program, can anyone give me some insight on the process, professors and what to expect? Thanks and Good Luck Ladies [emoji4]
  3. DeeSPN

    What are my chances? Kaplan Qbank

    How much was the Kaplan QBank?
  4. DeeSPN

    NCLEX befuddled

    What is the Pearson Vue trick?! I don't graduate til July so I'm trying to prepare myself for the NCLEX early!
  5. DeeSPN

    Taking the TEAS this Friday...

    Music and a little mediation helped me... You'd want to be as calm as possible taking these exams bc anxiety sometimes will be the cause of simple mistakes... I also prayed lol but it helped... Best wishes and Just Relax!!
  6. DeeSPN

    traveling nursing

    Good question I would like to know this also... I'm in NJ though