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I'm planning to buy a pharma book: Pharmacology for Nursing Care, text and study guide package 7th Edition Richard A. Lehne PhD (2009). But the latest edition is just way over my budget. The 6th edition (2006) is less expensive.

Are there any significant difference between pub dates/edition?


No. In the old days, like 25 years ago, new editions came out less frequently and there were significant changes to warrant a new edition. Nowadays, there are profit motives to changing an illustration or two and slapping a new edition number on it to jack up the price.

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I would be really doubtful if there were many changes. Do you already have a drug guide for nurses? If not, try to get one that is only one or two years old. Not too much changes in pharma and you'll mostly be getting an understanding of the drug classifications. The drug guide will be giving you details on specific drugs and those can change pretty quickly.

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email your professor. we use the same book for pharm class, and my prof said it was fine to use the 2006 version.

I guess I'll be getting the 6th edition.

Thank you caliotter3, JROregon and jennafezz. :up:

I had the same question! Thanks to all who replied. :D This forum is so helpful. I'll be buying the 6th edition, too. :)

i usually buy the previous editions as well..simply b/c its cheaper, and no huge difference in content...and its funny, b/c many times the PROFESSOR is using the previous edition as well....

I took a psych class where the instructor had the old edition and said it was ok. He was unable to get a new edition (free for the instructor) until about two weeks before the course ended.

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