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About This Ebook ( August 2020 Edition)

53 Pages

CONGRATULATIONS on getting this far in nursing school! You should be proud that you’re on your way to entering into the most trusted, meaningful, and rewarding profession EVER.  We are looking forward to welcoming you as you join the nursing ranks! We are so excited to have you that we wanted to provide you with a study guide to help you learn EXPERT NCLEX test-taking skills. 

Passing NCLEX is a rite of passage that all nurses must achieve. Many nursing students and new grad nurses have shared the challenge they are having getting started with their NCLEX prep journey, especially since there are SO MANY resources out there. As a result, we consulted with an NCLEX Prep Expert and got the inside scoop! This study guide will help you focus your time and energy on what’s most important - so you can be on your way to passing the NCLEX!

One feature that differentiates our study guide from all the rest is that it is an interactive NCLEX study guide.  We have provided links in each chapter that will take you to the allnurses website where you can read more about the NCLEX topics and interact with the author of the Study Guide. We hope that you find the material in this study guide helpful, and we look forward to celebrating with you as you begin your nursing career! 

About the Author

Damion Keith Jenkins @Damion Jenkins is a Master’s Prepared Registered Nurse, NCLEX Prep Expert, Nurse Content Writer, & Public Speaker that has a real passion for nursing education! Damion is the owner and lead educator at The Nurse Speak, LLC. – a nursing education and consulting company & blog. He specializes in providing individualized NCLEX Prep tutoring services for new graduate nurses - especially those who have experienced unsuccessful attempts. Damion's mission is to increase the number of nurses entering the profession by helping them to develop strategies for success! Damion also offers high-quality, up-to-date writing services and public speaking engagements for a variety of conferences, organizations, and nursing-related companies.

Key Features

This is an interactive NCLEX study guide providing links in each chapter that will take you to the allnurses website where you can read more about the NCLEX topics and interact with the author of the Study Guide.

It provides real information about the NCLEX and dispels 5 major NCLEX myths and increases the effectiveness of your NCLEX preparations.

Discusses tips for what you really need to know about the NCLEX.

An in-depth review of the Nursing Process that helps you understand how to use the Nursing Process to successfully conquer the challenges of NCLEX questions.

Gives a good look at the four difficulty levels of NCLEX questions (recognition, comprehension, application, analysis) with sample questions and rationale to allow you to use critical thinking to determine the correct answers.

Helps you to determine what your learning style is so that you can maximize your preparation efforts.

Explains key expert NCLEX test-taking strategies such as Identifying the Topic, Reviewing What’s Important, Eliminating Answer Choices, and Remaining Objective.

Helps you learn strategies on how to focus on what’s the most important in determining the correct answers in some of the most challenging questions involving Prioritization, Delegation, and Scope of Practice.

It presents useful tips on studying smarter, keeping balance in your life, and getting the most out of your efforts.

It provides how-to tips for being prepared to stay focused on test day and doing your very best.

Table of Contents


I.  All About the NCLEX

  • Top 5 NCLEX Myths
  • NCSBN test plans for RN and PN exams
  • What do candidates need to know about the NCLEX?

II.  Start Thinking Like a Nurse: How to Use The Nursing Process

  • Assessment
  • Analysis
  • Diagnosis
  • Planning
  • Implementation
  • Evaluation
  • Critical thinking

III.  NCLEX Question Leveling 

  • Recognition 
  • Comprehension
  • Application
  • Analysis

IV.  Expert NCLEX Test-Taking Strategies

  • Identifying the topic
  • Reviewing what’s important
  • Eliminating answer choices
  • Remaining objective 

V.  Strategies for Prioritization, Delegation & Scope of Practice 

  • Prioritization 
    • Acute vs. Chronic 
    • Actual vs Potential
    • Physical vs. Psychosocial
    • Unstable vs. Stable
  • Delegation
    • Rules of delegation
    • When in doubt, check it out
  • Scope of Practice
    • Rules of management (RNs)
    • Rules of coordination (PNs)
    • Therapeutic communication
    • Documentation
    • Caring and compassion
    • Teaching and learning considerations

VI.  Balancing it all

  • Study smarter - not harder
  • Optimizing your resources
  • Self-assessment for performance improvement
  • When to seek expert guidance and support

VII. Test Day Tips

  • Come prepared for the exam
  • When anxiety and frustration kicks in

For more information about NCLEX, please check out the allnurses NCLEX forum and join in on the conversation. If you are interested in learning more about one-to-one individualized NCLEX Prep Tutoring, from our contributing author, and NCLEX Prep Expert, Damion Jenkins, RN, MSN - please visit

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   11 of 13 members found this review helpful 11 / 13 members

The value in this ebook that sets it apart from the others is the opportunity to interact with the expert author and the flexibility for students to augment the learning experience through linking options as opposed to a one size fits all approach. 

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   8 of 10 members found this review helpful 8 / 10 members

This will help you pass NCLEX by helping you study smarter.  Ease the stress and fear of taking the test. Learn to help yourself use critical thinking skills along with prioritization, delegation, scope of practice, elimination of choices and rationale to get through the questions and pass. 

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   7 of 9 members found this review helpful 7 / 9 members

I totally agree with @nursel56.

This NCLEX Study Guide will be a win-win for the nursing student. Knowing how to select the correct answer to an NCLEX question is what it is all about. You already have the knowledge, now find out how to apply it when choosing the correct answer!

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   7 of 9 members found this review helpful 7 / 9 members

The advice on strategies for Prioritization, Delegation & Scope of Practice is spot on.  Some allnurses members who don't pass NCLEX post this was a problem for them, especially disaster triage. Reading this guide will help you pass NCLEX!

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