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Hi! I am Damion - an NCLEX Prep Expert Tutor and Writer! I am the owner and operator of TheNurseSpeak.com.

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Damion Jenkins has 13 years experience as a MSN, RN and specializes in NCLEX Prep Expert - 100% Pass Rate!.

Hi! I am Damion - an NCLEX Prep Expert Tutor and Writer! I am the owner and operator of TheNurseSpeak.com. - a nursing education and consulting company & blog.

Did you know that over 20% of new grad nurses fail the NCLEX?!? -I help to increase the number of nurses entering the profession by helping them develop strategies for NCLEX success!

To learn more, please visit thenursespeak.com or message me so we can discuss how I can help you become a licensed nurse!

Damion Jenkins, RN, MSN | CEO of The Nurse Speak - NCLEX Strategies for Success!

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  1. Damion Jenkins

    Failed NCLEX 3 Times

    Thanks @Mergirlc - and here I am! For more info on how I can help individuals pass the NCLEX, please visit thenursespeak.com/pass-NCLEX and check out my tutoring program. Feel free to schedule an inquiry call and I'd love to connect! @A_offthewa...
  2. Damion Jenkins

    Take the MedSurg job or wait for a residency?

    I would like to add that as an experienced educator in both the academic and staff-development clinical space - Nurse Residencies do NOT determine your eventual success or ability as a nurse. I have created, implemented, evaluated, audited and ...
  3. Damion Jenkins

    NCLEX Assistance

    Hi Gayle - there are lots of options for you. I'd love to have a discussion with you to see if I can get you on track towards passing the NCLEX and starting your Nursing Career. You can find my contact information on my profile here - or feel free to...
  4. Damion Jenkins

    retaking NCLEX after graduating in 2015

    Hey all - I just wanted to chime in here and share that IT's NEVER TOO LATE to Pass the NCLEX! In fact, I have helped some individuals who graduated 20 years ago earn their license! Even some who have had an upwards of 20 unsuccessful attempts....
  5. Damion Jenkins


    Hi there! You all can be study buddies right here! In fact, I wrote a pretty sweet NCLEX Study Guide that you all should use as a basis for understanding how to approach NCLEX style questions. This study guide highlights some of the things that ...
  6. Damion Jenkins


    Hi there! I am CONFIDENT you will pass - I mean I have helped HUNDREDS of individuals pass by helping them shift their perspective, optimize their study and practice efforts, and validate what they know to be true, so they can focus on what the...
  7. Damion Jenkins

    Mark K lectures. Does it really help for NCLEX??

    Hi there! You have to be VERY cautious of all the NCLEX resources that are out there. I have helped HUNDREDS of individuals pass the exam for the past 8 years, and not all NCLEX resources are created equal - and some (including in the list of resourc...
  8. Damion Jenkins

    Graduated 6 years ago want to take NCLEX

    There are LOTS of options for testing. I want to help. Feel free to reach out to me here on my profile - or by visiting my website. -Damion
  9. Damion Jenkins

    POSTPONED FB Live Event - Passing NCLEX Using the Nursing Process!

    If anyone has any questions about the Live Event - feel free to drop those questions here and we will do our best to answer them!
  10. Passing NCLEX: Using the Nursing Process - Back by popular demand | Nurses Rock FB Group Page Tuesday, Aug 31 at 5:00PM CST POSTPONED DUE TO HURRICANE - STAY TUNED I'll see you there! -Damion
  11. Hi Damion,

    I saw your answer to a post that you can precept virtually. Would you consider to do that for me? I'm in my last sem of my MSN ED and I was having hard time finding a preceptor.

  12. Damion,

    I have been a practicing nurse for 18+ years, but my family is considering g moving from Canada to Texas. I have 10 years ER experience and have been teaching in the BN nursing program at a college for the last 8 years.  Moving into the USA requires that I write the NCLEX. How do you suggest I prepare? Is there a specific program that is geared for experienced nurses? I have not practiced in a clinical environment for a longtime and I am kind of nervous about this exam. Your suggestions are definitely appreciated. 

    1. Damion Jenkins

      Damion Jenkins, MSN, RN

      Hello there Keystal! Thank you for asking this question. I have helped many individuals such as yourself develop expert NCLEX Study Plans for Success - and I know I can help you as well. 

      Feel free to send me an email at Damion.Jenkins@thenursespeak.com and I we can discuss getting you set up for success. 

      I look forward to speaking with you soon!


  13. Damion Jenkins


    I tutor MANY people from NJ and it has taken a bit more than 2 weeks due to COVID - but two weeks is average. Regarding Expert Advice - You can check out this FREE NCLEX Study Guide I wrote for allnurses and if you need additional tutoring or want to...
  14. Damion Jenkins

    NCLEX questions

    Each State is different - and since a lot of the BON employees are working from home - things are running a bit slower than normal. You should get your ATT within a couple weeks at the most. If you don't hear from them - then call them and/or s...
  15. Damion Jenkins

    please help

    Hi there! I have helped HUNDREDS of individuals similar to you! (and I wrote that awesome study guide that is posted above!) If you have any questions, do not hesitate to reach out! Best, The Nurse Speak -Damion