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I just wanted to apologize to all the Rn's especially the new grads out there, I had been involved with several threads regarding CNA's and time management issues. And I want to applaud the nurses out there who bust there butts and forfit there breaks for the sake of the patients, I now realize that I do have to walk in the shoes of a RN to truly understand there point of view .




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Thank you Chula. :redbeathe

allnurses Guide


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We told you so..........;)

Virgo_RN, BSN, RN

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Thank you. :redbeathe


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You're sweet. Thank you.

leslie :-D

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thanks so much, chula.

truly, it is much appreciated.


Di Deanna

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i applaud you for your humbleness. . it shows a noble part of your character :).

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