Staff appreciation ideas?

  1. Hi all,

    I'm working on an inpatient psych unit and it's a tale as old as time - staff are feeling burnt out, stressed, and underappreciated.

    There are larger organizational issues that need addressing (which other people are looking at), but I want to focus on staff appreciation. Our nurses and assistants work so hard and put up with so much, only to get a "thank you" e-mail maybe twice a year.

    As psychiatric staff yourself, what would YOU like to receive in terms of management showing you're appreciated and valued? Ideally I'd love to be able to give people an extra vacation day or a half day off etc, but our hospital is government run and I have very little leeway that way.

    There is also the idea of bringing in food, buying lunch for staff etc. Someone also floated the idea of a regular newsletter highlighting progress on our ward and any staff who have "gone the extra mile" but I want to make sure our ideas don't come off as patronizing to anyone.

    So guys, what would make you feel acknowledged, appreciated, etc? That is feasible to do on a busy inpatient ward?
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  3. by   FolksBtrippin
    I work inpatient child psych.

    We have a clinical ladder system. Bonuses are awarded 2x during the year. Staff can apply one of those times. To get ladder 1 you attend more than half of all meetings, do a teaching project, etc. Basically we are rewarded generously for being autonomous, contributing to ideas about policy change, etc. This makes me feel appreciated.

    I work a lot of weekends. The cafeteria is closed and I can't leave the unit because often I'm the only nurse. Often I do not get a break. It would be nice of the hospital to bring me a tray on those days. That way I could eat with the patients, get a chance to talk with them and maybe even give one of my techs a break. I can't really eat with the patients if I've brought my own food.

    In general I feel appreciated when managers ask for my input in creating policy.
  4. by   Flo.
    Our unit used to have a coffee and tea machine. It broke and was never replaced. It would mean alot to me if management bought a new one and supplied the tea and coffee.
  5. by   OldDude
    Gift certificates to the local liquor store would be appreciated.
  6. by   rockstarninja
    gas cards for everyone in the unit <3
  7. by   hppygr8ful
    My team always appreciates food - today we discharged 15 patients and admitted 15 in 12 hours - all while having two take downs in between - we are getting a free lunch on Monday.

  8. by   elkpark
    A raise.