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  1. Is Co going to be eNLC in 18'???

    Colorado entered into the new Enhanced Nurse Licensure Compact (eNLC) this week with the adoption of Senate Bill 18-027. The eNLC increases access to care while maintaining public protection at the state level. Under the eNLC, nurses are able to prov...
  2. Health One vs Centura

    PeterBanko, can you explain more? thanks!
  3. Salary talk

    new grad rate for HCA is 25/hr . +4 nights ; for centura 27/hr +4nights
  4. LSU CRNA 2018

  5. Staff appreciation ideas?

    gas cards for everyone in the unit
  6. NCLEX is in a few days and my scores are dropping. Help!

    i guess it is time to rest. good luck on your exam. share with us the good news!
  7. Prerequisites help for denver college of nursing.

    Try CCA or Arapahoe. I did my pre-reqs at cca
  8. Receiving license # after NCLEX

    Annawynn, I was just wondering if your license number has posted yet. Today is my 20th day waiting, I've sent an email to my DORA lady and I just got the generic reply.
  9. NCLEX Application Help

    Example: First name: Mary Grace (Mom's maiden) Last name: Dad's last name good luck!!
  10. Pearson Vue Trick NCLEX RN 2017 265 Questions Wisconsin

    MaybeAnRN, you can try paying for quick results today. Good luck!
  11. Anyone tried N-powerment NCLEX review?

    Hi Ceebee7, I am not seeing a 5-day review on the website. Only this : Live Review: A 4-day (RPN) or 4-day (RN) Live Interactive Review that will leave you excited and N-Powered with all of the tools you need for success! Was this a typo? if not, ...
  12. Anyone tried N-powerment NCLEX review?

    Thank you for your feedback guys. I can understand having new members here commenting as allnurses is more popular here than in Canada. And I was asking about a Canadian-based program. I just wished I found Npowerment sooner, before doing the big...
  13. Anyone tried N-powerment NCLEX review?

    Thank you for your comment ArceusAlpha! yes I am doing uworld now (my scores are on the low side tho, that's why i am considering an nclex review). I've been reading n-powerment site and i found this Top three reasons why practicing test questions ...
  14. Anyone tried N-powerment NCLEX review?

  15. NCLEX reviewing materials in GUAM

    yup, they have a 30-day free trial, just dont forget to cancel