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  1. rockstarninja

    Health One vs Centura

    PeterBanko, can you explain more? thanks!
  2. rockstarninja

    Salary talk

    new grad rate for HCA is 25/hr . +4 nights ; for centura 27/hr +4nights
  3. rockstarninja

    LSU CRNA 2018

  4. rockstarninja

    Staff appreciation ideas?

    gas cards for everyone in the unit
  5. rockstarninja

    NCLEX is in a few days and my scores are dropping. Help!

    i guess it is time to rest. good luck on your exam. share with us the good news!
  6. rockstarninja

    Prerequisites help for denver college of nursing.

    Try CCA or Arapahoe. I did my pre-reqs at cca
  7. rockstarninja

    NCLEX reviewing materials in GUAM

    yup, they have a 30-day free trial, just dont forget to cancel
  8. rockstarninja

    Anyone tried N-powerment NCLEX review?

    They have a 7-day free trial right now and I watched a couple videos, so far I like it. They explained cardiac really good. I would like some feedback from students who subscribed to them. Thanks. Here is their link: N-Powerment Nursing - Free Trial Landing - N-Powerment Nursing - NCLEX® CPNRE® Exam Prep
  9. rockstarninja

    NCLEX reviewing materials in GUAM

    Sign up for prime, you'll get your books in 2 days.
  10. rockstarninja

    NCLEX on May 30th

    Omggggg congrats Arci!!!!!
  11. rockstarninja

    NCLEX on May 30th

    Good luck Arci! Including you in my prayers.
  12. rockstarninja

    Did he pass?!?

    He did it!! Congrats to you both. I love happy endings
  13. rockstarninja

    Rachel Allen Review

    i would really love to try Rachell Allen but it's not offered here. And I cant afford 10-day hotel stay + airfare. But I heard RA is a really good review
  14. rockstarninja

    2nd attempt tomorrow, 5/11/2017

    is it official like did you do the quick results or this is pvt?
  15. rockstarninja

    UWorld Assessment

    congrats Stoney!!!
  16. rockstarninja

    Passing NCLEX second time with simplenursing.

    look him up on youtube. he has a lot of videos