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Hello All, I'm going to dive right in here with my post, it's long & involved but I thank you if you take the time to read it (really, you deserve a cookie if you get through it all!):mad: . I know... Read More

  1. by   Midwest4me
    WOW my heart just ACHES for you---what an obnoxious, hostile work environment! To echo others--- GET OUT OF THERE!!!! The place is killing you--physically and emotionally. No one deserves such treatment. My thoughts and prayers will be with you in your search of other work. Keep us posted.
  2. by   VivaLasViejas
    I proably should've mentioned this in my previous post, but when I left my toxic job last December, it was nine days before Christmas, I didn't have another job lined up, and I went eight months without any health insurance at all (couldn't afford COBRA, and I wasn't eligible at my new job until I'd been there six months). Scared me to pieces, because I spent much of last year in and out of the hospital with stress-related illnesses and I thought I'd literally die if I didn't have access to health care.

    Other than a bout with the flu about 2 months ago that lasted less than a week, I haven't been sick since I left that job. Even though I now have insurance again, I haven't needed to go to the doctor in nearly a year, my blood pressure is way down, and I've even come off a couple of my meds. Please, please get out of that place before it kills you---believe me, you just might be able to do without health insurance for a little while if you're not battling clinical depression and toxic levels of stress.
  3. by   AggieNurse99
    No matter what, you will have health insurance through the end of the month that you leave. So if your quit date is 11/2, you'll be without insurance effective 12/1. Like everyone else said...GET OUT of there as fast as fast can be. Have you tried even calling an agency for a temp/contract placement? I hate to say it this way, but sometimes bagging groceries is the most therapeutic job. For me, it was retail sales clerk in a dept. store x 6 mo. Good Luck!

  4. by   rn/writer
    Use up all your PTO time before you give notice or you'll probably lose it. Use the time off to recuperate and look for another job.

    Just a thought--if your doc agrees that the job is making you ill, would he back you up on a work comp claim? It's worth a try.

    I hope you not only survive but thrive.
  5. by   NurseRatchett
    MsPiggy's post (hey hey I like the sound of that!), sounds so much like what I'm going through.
    I too work in SA recovery. A lot of my co-workers from MGMT ON DOWN are in recovery. Not that that makes a difference, but on some levels it does:
    1. The therapists are just as neurotic as our clients
    2. The outrageous and unpredictable demands that management dishes out is driving GOOD people right out of the door
    3. The teachers antagonize our clients
    4. The directors and therapists get too emotionally attached, therefore losing their ability to see the situation as they should.

    I could go on and on, and on and on.
    Virtually all of our clients are dual diagnosis now, and I long for the days when our patient population wasn't as complex as what we have walking through the door now. If the psych issues aren't enough, they have medical problems on top of that. Chronic and acute......

    My job description changes daily. On any given day I am the nursing department manager, infection control specialist, therapist, instructor/trainer, case manager, lawyer, consultant, doctor, botanist, allergist, publicist, eating disorder expert, police detective, customer service rep, writer of policies and procedures, editor, behavior modifier, safety monitor and did I forget rain maker? Or am I Supernurse? Managing the various day to day crisis (that aren't really crisis situations) take up the majority of my day, leaving very little time to do the things that I need to (prepare reports, finish projects).

    I too have had (and on occasion continue to have) sleepless nights, depression, headaches and nightmares about my job. I've had to spent extra time (weekends, holidays, overtime) away from my family. There have even been times where I've thought about taking my clients SSRI meds! Never have though, but you can see what the stress does to you after a while.

    One of the biggest occupational hazards of my job is thinking you have the same dx as the patients. Being that my patients are young, I look for their patterns in my kids and wonder of they will end up in rehab too. Horrible thought I know, but you can't help it. Every parent worries that they don't love or do enough for their children. My patients come from all kinds of backgrounds, whether they were loved or unloved.

    Sucky part is, I like what I do there. When you see a client complete their treatment program, it's very rewarding to know you helped them get through that. I appreciate my co-workers who are just as passionate about the job as I am, but are just as burned out. They share my frustration, so i'm not crazy in my thinking, nor am I alone in this burned out world.

    I've recently been presented with a job offer at a totally different facility making 20k more than what I make now. I've decided to see what this other job is about. The commute will be shorter, the increase in pay is an added plus, but my peace of mind and overall health is more important to me than any amount of money. I'm a nurse and I'm marketable, and that means I can go where I want and do what I want to do.

    So I say to you MsPiggy, don't be afraid to take that next step. Step and out on faith and he will catch you everytime. Your healthcare benefits will be there. I wish you much luck, strength and determination in your next nursing adventure!
  6. by   CseMgr1
    NO job is worth making yourself sick over! And, believe me, I've been there, done that too, working for abusive employers who were hell-bent determined to get maximum $$ out of the backs of its workers...and at any cost. I am already looking for another job after being at my present one for only two weeks. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that something is terribly wrong with Management, when there has been a 133% turnover in the clerical staff since July, and two of the full-time psychologists have left since January. I woke up with a headache this morning just at the thought of having to go back there in the morning, and am praying that that I get the job I interviewed for on the 11th. You need to get out of this dangerous situation you are in with all due speed...and worry about your insurance later.
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  7. by   vanillaskye
    Run, run, run.
  8. by   MsPiggy
    Thanks Everyone! I so appreciate all your support :0)

    I am very activley seeking other employment now. I feel better just having made the decision to move along as soon as possible, my MA that works with me has had it too, and she is so good. I wrote her reference letter the other day to help her get out too, she's just a sweetie pie & works her fanny off to help.

    Nurse Ratchett it seems our positions are very similar, and yea we are seeing younger & younger addicts a lot in the 18-20 something range. I am constantly lecturing my kids about being cautious & not over doing the party scene & not drinking & driving etc. It does make you very fearful for your kids, but mostly I fear some drunk or high driver hurting or killing my loved ones. They drive in high all the time. It's scary.

    Thankfully the past few days have been fairly uneventful, and tomorrow I will have time to send out resume's & such.. This is such a great place and I have so much gratitude for you all!

  9. by   VivaLasViejas
    I'm glad to hear that.:spin:

    Good luck to you in your work search. Life is too short for bad jobs---hang in there, I'm sure you'll find something better soon.
  10. by   JentheRN05
    I agree with everyone else - get out now, put in your two weeks, I personally wouldn't even do that. I HAVE NO health insurance because of leaving a job abruptly and I have 3 kids. I'm not proud of that, but my sanity and health was at stake. Can't make money if your aren't living.
  11. by   MsPiggy
    Oh Jen, I wish that I could but I have serious medical issues I'm currently being treated for & lot of in hospital testing, there is no way I can go without insurance now. I am actively searching for new employment though. I can't wait to get out of there & am just dreading my shift tomorrow already ...

  12. by   MarySunshine
    Starbucks provides health insurance to its part time employees after 3 months working there. As stated, you'll have insurance through November. So, maybe you could do cobra for 2 months after that. You could also pick up per diem shifts in between your Starbucks shifts on much less stressful nursing units. Or wait tables (I made over $20/hour doing this).

    I know I'm reaching here. I'd be RUNNING fast though! And I agree with the poster who said to enjoy your PTO!
  13. by   john 1947
    I fully understand your situation. I worked in a domination style work enviroment for several years. One thing that helped me alot is my devotion to Recovery Inc. It taught me you could put miles between you and the outer enviroment . My last boss was so bad his superior got fired for hiding all his bad deeds.I saw so many leave because of him but with my Recovery training I survived and actualy my mental health got alot better. Another thing we realize is we get better by the amount of nervous discomfort we bear.Another good one is if you cant change your atmosphere change your attitude .Feelings are meant to be expressed without temper(fear and anger)
    We often overlook the good we have done. I bet your just being there and standing up to the domination enviroment has made a effect.If you can find a local meeting(Recovery Inc.) I advise you attend and learn. Right now I am fighting a much bigger fight that I never dreamed I would ever face.By facing up to a bad work enviroment has strenghtened me for this task.
    Don't give up the patients need people like you to get them well.Learn this method and you will see.