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  1. Wendy_RN

    Nurse Schedules?

    A schedule that one person may deem as "good" would be a horrible schedule to someone else. Don't get too caught up in the scheduling at this point. I made myself miserable worrying about what schedule I would be working, weekends, holidays, etc. In my previous job I worked 3 12's, 7A-7, no weekends. I was not happy there. I now work 11A-11P and every 3rd weekend. I love it. The big difference is I am where I want to be and I love my coworkers. The schedule was simply not worth it for me. I would rather be happy with my unit and coworkers. That makes all the difference in the world.
  2. I understand your frustration. I experienced this as a new grad. I did speak up and ask for 3 12's, and in my case it was a mistake. The unit manager had no problem with it. The issue came in with preceptors. The preceptor I would have had was wonderful. I ended up with her only a few days, and the rest of the time I was shuffled around. There was no consistency. I wish I had just worked the preceptor's schedule and made the best of it. If you are scheduled to work with a good preceptor then I would just do the best I could with her schedule. Orientation is not forever and you do need a good orientation. It makes a huge difference!
  3. Wendy_RN

    Most common non-emergency visits

    There are so many ridiculous reasons people go to the ER for that it is hard for me to choose. I guess one of the most recent ones is the family of four that chose to come in to be checked for MRSA. They had heard it mentioned on the news so they just thought they would "get checked out."
  4. Wendy_RN

    Grrr... Report!

    I wish report could always go well. Unfortunately, someone will always say you give too little or too much info. I have had to tell a nurse, "You really need to listen to what I am telling you." Of course she did not like it very much, but what I was trying to tell her was important. Hopefully she will not respond to you in that manner in the future.
  5. Wendy_RN

    RN at triage window?

    I always get vital signs first when I am in triage. I can do that at the same time the patient is telling me why they came into the ER. Vital signs are labeled such for a reason. I think the ER where I work does a great job of triaging the patients. Registration only sees the patients for a brief moment and then they are triaged. The registration process is actually completed after the person has been moved into a treatment room or has already been seen.
  6. Wendy_RN

    Why do you like Emergency Department Nursing?

    I absolutely love ER nursing! I work with a great group of nurses, techs, and physicians. We are one big family. The teamwork is awesome. I always know there is someone there to help me if I need it, and I am definitely there to help the others. I love a challenge, and the ER offers plenty of those. I get to use my critical thinking skills and continually learn. The ER offers lots of autonomy, which is truly an amazing thing. I like the fact that I never know what type of patient I will be seeing next. If you work 3 straight shifts on the floor you pretty much know that you will at least have some of your patients multiple days. Not in the ER. It is never the same. (although you do have frequent flyers) The ER is just a totally different world than any other type of nursing and I can't imagine doing anything else.
  7. Wendy_RN

    Admission Process

    I have worked as a floor nurse also, so I understand both sides. I had a patient admitted to the floor on Tuesday. I called the floor numerous times to attempt to give report. This began before lunch. The RN kept refusing to take report when I called. One of the ER physicians finally stepped in at 3pm and the RN accepted the patient. We don't hold patients in the ER. It only ties up our rooms and keeps other patients waiting to be seen. It seems that everything is about numbers these days and it certainly does not look good when a patient spends several additional hours in the ER waiting to be admitted.
  8. Wendy_RN

    RN at triage window?

    It is not just the hospital where I work that does it this way. I don't know of any hospital around here that is organized the way you are describing. As I said in a prior post, the registration clerks are only getting the person's name, dob, and c/o. There is a RN at triage that is adjacent to the registration desk. JCAHO has been at our facility recently and we are compliant. Patient's do not sit in a waiting room with the medical staff unaware of their condition.
  9. Wendy_RN

    RN at triage window?

    I understand what you are saying, BUT that is not how it is done at any of the hospitals I am familiar with. A RN triages the patients, but the registration clerk is the first person to see them.
  10. Wendy_RN

    RN at triage window?

    I work in NC and that is not the way triage is in any of the hospitals that I am familiar with. Registration clerks are the first to see the patients. They only get the basic info, name, dob, c/o, and then the patients are sent to triage. The clerks always call for a RN if they feel the situation warrants. If anything, they call at times when the patient could wait, but they know when they are unsure that they are to call for help. This works well for our busy ER.
  11. Wendy_RN

    Is working in a hospital really so awful?

    Do not form your opinion of hospital nursing until you have had a chance to experience it for yourself. We are all different, and of course not all hospitals have the same atmosphere. Your coworkers make all the difference in the world. As a new grad, I went to work on a telemetry unit. I worked in a toxic environment and was miserable. I work in the ER at another hospital now and I absolutely love it. At this point I cannot imaging doing anything else. You will find your niche in nursing. Sometimes you have to follow your heart, not the opinions of others. Just because something was good/bad for someone else does not mean you will have the same experience.
  12. Wendy_RN

    I am sooo happy....

    Congratulations and good luck in your new position. My heart is in ER nursing as well, and I know it would be difficult going elsewhere.
  13. Wendy_RN

    this website....

    You may not always like the answers you receive when you ask a question or post a debatable topic, but you can always count on honest and sincere responses. I love this board and am thankful for its existance. The information found here is invaluable.
  14. Wendy_RN

    Advice on New Grad job choice

    Med surg nursing provides opportunities to experience various disease processes, procedures. It also helps to reinforce what you have learned in school, and helps to put the pieces of the puzzle together. You will gain a strong foundation with med surg experience. That being said, med surg nursing is not for everyone. I knew that I did not want to do med surg nursing, but took the advice of others and accepted a position there as my first RN job. I should have followed my heart and gone to a unit where I felt I would be happy. I would suggest you go to the area you want to go to. There are lots of opportunities in nursing and you will have no problems moving to a different unit if and when you are ready. Nurses change specialties everyday. You worked hard to get through school. Do what you want to do and don't let anyone else make that decision for you.
  15. Wendy_RN

    What is the Law for Nurses taking breaks?

    I don't understand why your UNPAID break is on their terms. Explain to me why you can't nap on your break when nurses working at smoke-free facilities can clock out and walk off campus for their break? I am a smoker (unfortunately) and I know that to be the case. I do not smoke while at work, but I know plenty who do and this is how they spend their breaks. Personally, when we work such long shifts I don't think it is anyone's business how we choose to spend our UNPAID breaks. We should be allowed to do whatever we need to do in order to make it through the rest of our shift refreshed. If that means consuming 2000 calories, smoking, or taking a nap, it is OUR break. Sorry for the rant, but this is just wrong!
  16. Wendy_RN

    How does one become assertive in the nursing field?

    It is difficult, but don't let the physicians know they intimidate you. They may be a "doctor", but they are absolutely no better than you are. I have been fortunate in not dealing with many physicians that acted in the manner. I had one physician that insisted I did not know what I was talking about when I told him my patient was going into flash pulmonary edema. He laughed and made a comment to another doc at the nurses station. I pulled Lasix from the pixis and told him to follow me. When he got back to the nurses station he had a different attitude. He told the other doc that I knew what I was talking about. He treated me with respect after that. I don't know what makes them think we are idiots sometimes. I don't care to diagnose patients, but I expect the doctors to listen to me when I tell them there is a problem. Just take a deep breath and stand up for yourself and your patients. You are their advocate so don't feel a bit bad about doing it.