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OMG!!! I am really PO'd about this article. IT was on ABC 20/20. I dont agree at all. The public is so uneducated, they may starting putting cats to sleep over this. Toxo has been around a... Read More

  1. by   trinanurse
    Quote from FroggysMom
    Hmmmm, after living with all of my kitties, NOW I know what's wrong with me!
    So.....does this mean my ex was right?? Is it possible I may someday live out his angry, evil, courthouse steps/divorce day.....and what I thought at the time to be totally irrational.....prediction of how I will spend my "Golden Years"

    Am I really going to be the.......

    "Scary old cat lady down the street"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    OH GOODIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Come here kiddies....I've got a pooper scooper with your name on it!

    Darn those sneaky cats....knew they'd win always said so!
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    Hey! Don't discount Dr. Torrey. As one of the founding leaders of NAMI (National Alliance for the Mentally Ill) he helped usher in biological models of mental illness in the 90's (in contrast to the older theories of mental illnesses being caused by bad parenting only; bad mothers in particular). HE IS NO QUACK. Remember schizophrenia in particular can be induced by damage to certain areas of the brain. This is empirically validated information now. I suggest you look into the NAMI website. This organization provides research based psychiatric information to professionals as well as to family members with children, parents, siblings etc. suffering from these devasting diseases. It is a wonderful place to refer professionals, students, clients and family members who need support in dealing with mental illness. They provide links to support groups all over the world. Put NAMI in your search engine.

    Susan, RN, MSN (Child Adolescent Psychiatric Clinical Nurse Specialist)
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    Thanks, Susan.