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  1. hcurry1

    On Call Requirements?

    Good to know. I didn’t realize when I applied that they had on call, which I don’t mind taking, but I live in a big city with bad traffic so I worry about getting there in a certain amount of time.
  2. hcurry1

    On Call Requirements?

    Hi there! Looking at making the move to endo, but was wondering about what to expect for the on call requirements? How soon are you expected to be there? thanks!
  3. Hi everyone, I am currently an ICU nurse looking to make a change. I am interested in cath lab or EP lab and wanted some advice. What exactly does a nurse do in EP lab? What does a typical day look like? I am also very interested in cath lab and actually have an interview for a position, but I live in a big city so it takes 30-40 min to get to the hospital depending on the time of day. I'm worried that this will come up in an interview and count me out because of where I live. Any advice? Would my location go against me since drive time depends on the time of day since we live in such a big busy city? Thanks in advance!
  4. hcurry1

    Maybe Switching to OR nursing?

    Hi everyone, I am currently an ICU nurse thinking of switching to OR nursing. I was wondering if anyone could share their experiences in the OR of what a typical day is like. Also, does anyone have any OR experiences at any of the hospitals in Nashville? thanks!
  5. hcurry1

    Financial Aid Help!

    Hey everyone! I am currently in my junior year at a nursing school in Kentucky. I'm really needing to find some financial aid options for this next year because I just found out I won't be receiving any scholarships from the school. I'm looking into tuition repayment programs where someone will pay for school in exchange for work, but I'm just not sure because I don't know much about these programs or who to go with. I'm really not wanting to be tied down to a specific hospital because I don't know where I'm going to be living after graduation. Any ideas/tips on how to pay for school? Thanks in advance!

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