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Hi, I have recently come across some information on becoming a nurse health coach. I feel like most of my patients I have, encounter complications from completely preventable things if they knew how to properly manage their health. Because of this, I find health coaching very intriguing and I am tying to reach out and find out some more information on it. Does anyone have experience with this?

I've also heard of nurses getting into the Botox business or iv therapy. Has anyone tried any of these things? What are some things you’ve heard as alternatives to working the hospital? Thanks!



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Hello all,
My name is Iranthi, a health care professional, an educator, a mother, and an entrepreneur. 
Up until recently, I was not aware of how I could use my passion, education, skills, and perhaps most importantly, experiences to build a profitable product. 
Therefore, I created this anonymous brief inquiry (2 minutes) to assess product creation interests and stages of product growth of any professional. 

If you would like more information, feel free to leave your information, but it is completely optional. 
I really appreciate your time and participation. 6046247_Pathwaytofindingyourchoices!.thumb.png.c1d24899157d10e54aa8083bc6b9a6c4.png

Carol Ebert, MSN, RN

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I just read your posting about wanting to start a business.  I am a nurse and wellness coach and have lots of experience as an independent business owner.  Would you like to connect?  Feel free to contact me at carol@carolebert.com or 507-313-4515.  Thanks.  Carol

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I just came across your post. Yes - there are LOTS of options in nursing besides in the hospital. Nursing is a buffet of options. Outpatient clinics, offices, community health, school health, case management, chronic care management, telehealth, LTC, hospice, corporate nursing, nurse writer, and yes, you can certainly start a business as a nurse. I've been helping nurses wrap a business model around their skills, experience, and what they're passionate about and I've worked with nurses across a multitude of specialities. You could create courses to teach patients/caregivers/community, other healthcare professionals, or other nurses (maybe in different areas or novice in your field). You could do consulting or coaching in nearly every arena, all just depending on your experience, who you want to work with, and most importantly, what you want your life to look like. Nurseprenuership is not for everyone, but if it's your cup of tea it can unlock a completely different side of nursing. One where you literally design what your nursing career looks like, only work with who you want to work with, increase your impact and be valued for your work. Feel free to reachout if you'd like to connect or chat. educate@nurseassure.com. There's also a large group that I'm a part of NursePreneurs on FB and you'll be able to connect to 10K+ other nurses and there's often resources, tips, etc. posted.