Jill Weberding MPH BSN, RN

Nurse Business Mentor, Healthcare Consultant

Jill is a nurse entrepreneur, mentor, healthcare consultant, writer and speaker. She is driven by her purpose of no longer accepting “that’s just the way it is” in healthcare

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Jill Weberding MPH has 24 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in Nurse Business Mentor, Healthcare Consultant.

After more than 2 decades as a nurse, Jill has seen her share of change in healthcare. After witnessing the gaps continue to widen within the healthcare system, she transitioned specialties to become a nurse in business and work on closing gaps outside the system. Her consulting company originally focused on oncology, where she took her idea and partnered with a startup company out of Israel to bring it to fruition. As Jill’s network expanded to more entrepreneurs, she met more nurses interested in “doing nursing” differently. She has been working as a Nurse Business Strategist & Mentor for other nurses teaching them how to wrap a business model around their nursing skills to help close gaps in the healthcare system. Jill firmly believes that nurses are the key to putting the heart and healing back into healthcare. You can learn more about her work by connecting with her on LinkedIn.

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  1. Jill Weberding MPH

    Weighing your nursing options: Employee versus Entrepreneur?

    Thanks so much for reading the article and taking the time to comment. With 35 years in nursing, you certainly have a wealth of experience you can draw from. One of the things I love most about entrepreneurship as a nurse is I certainly feel it will ...
  2. The second most common question asked when meeting anyone new, (just sneaking in behind, What’s your name?), comes the inevitable…What do you do? I used to nearly corner the market on escalating the awkward factor right off the chart as I replie...
  3. Jill Weberding MPH

    How I Stumbled into Being a Nurse in Business

    Thanks so much for reading the article and sharing your insight. I'm not sure what feels false about nursing being a buffet of options. We can literally work with every age on the continuum from prenatal to geriatrics. We can find jobs that have asso...
  4. Jill Weberding MPH

    How I Stumbled into Being a Nurse in Business

    Thanks for reading and commenting, Julie. Yes, I frequently see lots of discussion about MLM businesses, and no doubt nurses are a common target for joining these so I felt compelled to address the differences between that model and other nursing bus...
  5. Have you been looking for another way to do nursing that doesn't include sacrificing your physical and mental health or all your time away from your family? If you’re feeling frustrated, exhausted and ready to pull the plug on bedside nursing or what...
  6. Jill Weberding MPH

    How to start a side business as a career coach

    When I started my business, I thought about these things first: 1) I took an inventory of my skills/experience & what I was passionate about. 2) I decided who it was I wanted to work with .... for me it was nurses or patients. I needed ...
  7. Jill Weberding MPH

    Wanting to start a business

    I just came across your post. Yes - there are LOTS of options in nursing besides in the hospital. Nursing is a buffet of options. Outpatient clinics, offices, community health, school health, case management, chronic care management, telehealth, LTC,...
  8. Jill Weberding MPH

    First E-Cigarette Ban: Mark a Win for Public Health

    @Jakehose I appreciate you reading the post and your comment. Yes, I did see a couple conflicting articles...however, The WHO (that previously "didn't have enough evidence") recently came out and said "e-cigarettes do not help reduce cancer. Electron...
  9. Jill Weberding MPH

    First E-Cigarette Ban: Mark a Win for Public Health

    Agree! I think it will definitely be addressed..but we’ll see.
  10. Jill Weberding MPH

    First E-Cigarette Ban: Mark a Win for Public Health

    @myoglobin Of course, we'd all like cigarettes to be banned, but that's not realistic. We'd love to reduce the millions of deaths (and health complications) caused by smoking every year. I'm just not convinced that vaping is doing that....the study ...
  11. Jill Weberding MPH

    First E-Cigarette Ban: Mark a Win for Public Health

    @myoglobin I do see your counter position. And while yes, I agree that e-cigarettes are safer than combustible cigarettes-they still pose health threats. The first article you mentioned was from the UK, where they also note that they have stricter re...
  12. Recently, the sale and distribution of e-cigarettes without FDA approval was banned in San Francisco. The ban is expected to go into effect early next year and will also affect other flavored tobacco products. The ordinance will make it illegal for t...