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maria1315 has 1 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in Postpartum.

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  1. maria1315

    Night shift hangover

    I totally feel this way! I event tried doing my 3 shifts in a row in order to get 4 days of normal sleep but I was starting to get burned out. I always take melatonin as soon as I get home from work, whether I work that night or not. I make sure to d...
  2. maria1315

    don't like nursing, should I accept the job?

    If you don't like nursing, I would honestly find another career. Nursing is very hard work, it takes a lot out of you, and if you don't enjoy it...I think you'd be miserable. Put yourself first.
  3. maria1315

    Feeling lost in Career

    Hi everyone. I'm hoping this reaches the right crowd and I'm able to get some comforting opinions. I'm a new grad, about 6 months into my job as a postpartum nurse. I love my job. I love my patients, what I'm learning, and I genuinely do look forward...
  4. maria1315

    New Grad Looking for Job with No Connections

    I was told not to contact people which is why I haven't messaged anyone after applying! I am really interested in the NICU and know it's 100% what I want to do. I just applied and I'm so nervous even tho it's only been 2 days. Because of covid and ha...
  5. maria1315

    New Grad NICU in Northern VA

    Hi everyone! I graduated this past May from my BSN and recently received my license. I'm really really passionate about the NICU. I've always been drawn to the NICU because I heard stories growing up of my mom's experience having me in the NICU as we...
  6. maria1315

    Peds ER-New Grad Interview

    Hi everyone! I hope this is the right place for this topic. I recently had my first interview for a peds ER postion as a new grad, which is my dream job! It went very well and I got a second interview with the clinical director. I have pretty bad anx...
  7. maria1315


    So I just had an interview! The recruiter told me she will email me once she finds out what day the supervisor is doing in person interviews. Do you guys think that’s a good sign?
  8. maria1315


    So this is an old thread but I was hoping to get some advice! I’ve applied to a couple of jobs, one of them my dream job, but haven’t heard back. I messaged a recruiter on LinkedIn hoping it’ll help. I’m not sure how to proceed? I’m really interested...
  9. maria1315

    Marymount Nursing Fall 2019

    Hey everyone! Which cohort did you guys sign up for? I'm in section C!
  10. maria1315

    Marymount University 2018

    I looked at my application this morning and it says "submit deposit" so I think i got in!!!
  11. maria1315

    Marymount University 2018

    My teas scores were received so all my application materials are submitted! How long do you guys think it'll take to find out if I got in? I'M SO ANXIOUS!
  12. maria1315

    Marymount University 2018

    Just finished the TEAS and got an 81.4%. Is that good?
  13. maria1315

    Marymount University 2018

    I'm taking the TEAS tomorrow and I'm terrified because I got a 78% on the practice exam
  14. maria1315

    Marymount University 2018

  15. maria1315

    Marymount University 2018

    @bharveyy I'm SO sorry about the late reply, school is crazy! I'm transfering from NOVA, yes! And I went to Patriot because I lived closer to Bristow at the time. Did you start at MU yet? Do you like it so far? I have all my app supplies turned in bu...