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maria1315 is a BSN, RN and specializes in Postpartum.

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  1. maria1315

    New Grad Looking for Job with No Connections

    I was told not to contact people which is why I haven't messaged anyone after applying! I am really interested in the NICU and know it's 100% what I want to do. I just applied and I'm so nervous even tho it's only been 2 days. Because of covid and having multiple people I care about that are immunosuppressed, making connections in school was the least of my priorities. I'm kicking myself over it now. It's also hard to find the name of nurse managers for units as well. I honestly just feel so lost.
  2. maria1315

    Peds ER-New Grad Interview

    Hi everyone! I hope this is the right place for this topic. I recently had my first interview for a peds ER postion as a new grad, which is my dream job! It went very well and I got a second interview with the clinical director. I have pretty bad anxiety r/t interviews so I'm a bit nervous. It's still a week away but I've been overthinking. I have researched what I could possibly be asked and a lot was what I was asked on my first interview. A few of my friends who interviewed at the same hospital said they got asked the same questions in both interviews. I know what I would say in all questions but I'm nervous! I want my personality to show and not be hidden by my nervousness! Do you guys have any tips?
  3. maria1315


    So I just had an interview! The recruiter told me she will email me once she finds out what day the supervisor is doing in person interviews. Do you guys think that’s a good sign?
  4. maria1315

    Your Motivation

    I've always loved medicine because I've grown up struggling with depression and anxiety and been taken care of by nurses and the way they interact with patients, their work ethic, their responsabilities just called to me. There's nothing in the world that I'm more passionate about. It gives me hope. I also believe that nursing will constantly challenge me mentally, emotionally, and cognitively and that's something I believe is important in a career. I want to constantly be learning. This might be cliche but I love helping people and as a hospital volunteer, I see the way patients confide and trust their nurses. They feel safe with them. No other career, besides being a doctor, will give you that. Nursing is an extraordinary field. I hope that I'll be an incredible nurse who gives hope to patients every day.
  5. maria1315

    Chemistry Advice

    I'm halfway through the semester and I got a B on my first chem test and we just got our second test grade and I got a 68...I couldn't stop crying and now my anxiety is flaring because I'm scared I can't get a B or an A now. Our tests are 3 chapters each and now we have the final left which is 5 new chapters and that terrifies me. Any advice on what to do for the final? I guess my studying tips for this class clearly are not working.
  6. maria1315

    NYU Fall 2018

    I haven't seen a thread for this yet but anyone super nervous already?? If anyone got into spring, what were your credentials like? I'm finishing up my last two semesters and getting extremely nervous because NYU has been my dream school for years and I can't believe it's so close!!
  7. maria1315

    Applying anxiety help

    Good luck! You'll do great!
  8. maria1315

    Applying anxiety help

    Thank you! I think waiting is all I can do, honestly. I'm glad you got into your desired programs! :)
  9. maria1315

    Applying anxiety help

    Thank you so much! This made me feel so so much better, thank you! I'm currently in chem and algebra so I guess that's why I'm stressed because they're not my best subjects but I just have to keep studying.
  10. maria1315

    Applying anxiety help

    I'm in my third semester of undergrad and getting ready to apply for fall 2018. I was told by a counselor from one school to apply to their program for the upcoming spring semester (i just did) which has made me think about applying even more and I'm TERRIFIED I'm not gonna get accepted anywhere. I have a 3.5 GPA as of last year (I got a 4.0 last semester tho), I work full time, I volunteer at the ER every week and I'm a part of clubs. I've gotten all As on my pre reqs so far except one B but I'm terrified. Does anyone know what I can do in order to try and calm my fears? I want to do nursing more than anything. It's my passion and I'm so scared of not getting to my dream.
  11. maria1315

    NYU Prereqs Advice

    Hi everyone! I'm starting my sophomore year of college at my CC on Monday. NYU is one of the schools I plan to apply and I've done a pretty good amount of research and I know that it does not have any pre reqs. If anyone out there has been accepted, which classes do you recommend I take? So far, I have taken: A&P 1 and 2, Microbio, English, English literature, US History. This coming semester, I'm taking: Intro to Chem, Developmental Psych (I'm not taking intro to psych bc I got a 5 on the AP exam), and Statistics. I'm thinking about taking Nutrition, Into to Sociology, and maybe General Chem. Any thoughts/advice? Thank you all in advance!
  12. I'm trying to go to the doctor soon to get new meds and hopefully a new therapist so I hope my insurance doesn't fail me. I'm stressing myself out so much, I have zero social life right now and I miss my friends.
  13. Thank you!
  14. I study when I have tests and when I don't. For example, right now in anatomy I took my exam two weeks ago. We just finished the endocrine and are starting the digestive system which is the second topic for our next exam. I'm studying my butt off even though I don't have tests. I feel like if I don't study every day, I won't do good. And then my anxiety freaks me out.
  15. Hi everyone! Is anyone out there struggling with their mental health? I was diagnosed with depression, OCD, and anxiety in 2012 and sometimes it's easy for me to manage it but other times, like this past week, it becomes unbearable. I try studying every day but sometimes it just feels like too much and I just sit there. I'm currently not getting any therapy because my new insurance doesn't cover my old clinic and mental health team Any ideas on how to improve my situation?
  16. maria1315

    NP specialties?

    Hi guys! So I recently transferred from pre med into pre nursing due to my health (physical & mental.) I've done research and volunteered in ERs so one thing I've always admired is nurses. You guys get stuff done! At my ER, most patients never see the doctors. Doctors are MIA. Nurses are the ones that take care of patients, do their tests, care for them, etc. Anyway, I'm really interested in becoming an NP but I haven't found much information about the specialties. Anyone have any advice? I love ICU, emergency medicine, and anything near as well. Thank you in advance!