Peds ER-New Grad Interview

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Hi everyone! I hope this is the right place for this topic. I recently had my first interview for a peds ER postion as a new grad, which is my dream job! It went very well and I got a second interview with the clinical director. I have pretty bad anxiety r/t interviews so I'm a bit nervous. It's still a week away but I've been overthinking. I have researched what I could possibly be asked and a lot was what I was asked on my first interview. A few of my friends who interviewed at the same hospital said they got asked the same questions in both interviews. I know what I would say in all questions but I'm nervous! I want my personality to show and not be hidden by my nervousness! Do you guys have any tips?

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It’s perfectly OK to reframe your “nervousness “ into “excitement.” Physiologically they work the same— Adrenalin > increased BP, dilated eyes, glucagon released from liver to support potential increases in physical activity (fight/flight) and brain alertness... it’s OK to state at the beginning that you are excited to be called back. Being excited to learn more is a great thing! 

Have fun! Good luck! 



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Do some research on the hospital and the unit, shows you take initiative

Come with a list of questions

Have a few things in mind about areas you excel, what you are good at

For ER, stress priorizing, you will always have a bunch of things to do but important to know what is critical and what can wait