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New Grad NICU in Northern VA


Specializes in Postpartum.

Hi everyone! I graduated this past May from my BSN and recently received my license. I'm really really passionate about the NICU. I've always been drawn to the NICU because I heard stories growing up of my mom's experience having me in the NICU as well as my sister. I had my senior practicum in a postpartum unit because my school wasn't allowing students in the PICU or NICU due to covid. I guess I'm making this point to see if others are in the same boat as me with a specific specialty in mind and nervous about it? I just applied to a NICU here in Northern Virginia. I spent a lot of time working on my resume and cover letter, which are both geared towards this position. I'm wondering if there is anything else I can do to get my name out there? I'm also worried that I applied to other jobs in Pediatrics before the NICU position was posted. I LOVE peds as well and figured I would start there and eventually do NICU if they didn't post a NICU job. Then, to my surprise, the new grad NICU position was there.

Any words of encouragement, advice, etc, would be so welcomed! Sorry for my rambling post.