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  1. I started my career in 2020 as a second degree nurse. It was a bumpy start to say the least. I was on an IMCU/Stepdown in a level one trauma center. We lost 22 nurses in the 15 months that I worked there. I loved the critical thinking, the autonomy, ...
  2. I spent my first 15 months as a nurse on a very busy IMCU in a level 1 trauma center in Boston. I graduated in the height of COVID and our floor was 99% COVID through my entire orientation. Once it switched back to a mix of patients I was on my own ...
  3. Right specialty for me

    I started as a 2nd degree nurse last year - graduating in May 2020 and starting my career on a medical stepdown in a level 1 trauma center in major city. I was part of a new grad program but my floor was a mess - my manager was never ever there - nev...
  4. 1 year bedside to Ambulatory Surgery

    Thank you! Do you feel that this type of experience with my 1 year of stepdown could put me into a PACU position?
  5. I’m considering making the leap from a level 1 trauma center working on a very busy stepdown to an outpatient ambulatory eye surgery center. We have had a mass exodus on my floor, leaving only a tiny handful of nurses who have been on the floor for ...
  6. IMCU burn out. What’s next?

    I work at a BUSY IMCU in a major city/level 1 trauma center for 1 year and have already begun to experience burnout. I am a newish grad, but a second career nurse. My initial goal was ICU, but I’m now at the point where I just don’t know if I want th...
  7. Can I handle peds?

    Hi! I’m a second career nurse - former special education teacher with a master in education/developmental delays. I became a nurse after one of my children developed a severe childhood epilepsy (Doose syndrome) and we spent the better part of a year...
  8. IMCU New Grad Books/podcasts

    I am a career changer who just finished orientation at a busy city hospital on an IMCU that was the primary COVID step down and I am struggling with feeling like COVID patients are the only patients I know how to care for. I don’t want to keep askin...
  9. Thank you! I’m not young hahaha. I’m 42. I’ve been home with my children for 10 years but my youngest is only 5 (oldest 12) so I do appreciate how important time spent with them is. I completely agree that I may not get this position. It is very com...
  10. I am a recent graduate of nursing school. I am a second degree student with a young family. I applied to almost 100 jobs leading up to graduating and then right after. Our job market (Boston area) was hit with hiring freezes due to COVID. A neighbor ...
  11. New Grad Oncology Clinic

    Good question and something I would not have even known to ask or consider! I am grateful you brought that up!
  12. New Grad Oncology Clinic

    Thank you so much! It is chemo administration. This is very helpful information!
  13. New Grad Oncology Clinic

    Hi, I am a recent grad (2nd career) and have a couple of questions. I spoke with a recruiter yesterday, for a position at a private oncology clinic. I really loved my clinical time in critical care because I loved spending a lot of time with one pa...
  14. Curry college ACCEL 2019

    Here it is! Log into Facebook | Facebook
  15. ABSN Adequately prepared?

    Thank you!!! Both are very good. That's how I chose them in terms of applying, but I sort of figured I would get into one and not the other and have my decision made for me. Ha! It's a good problem to have I suppose!