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I’m considering making the leap from a level 1 trauma center working on a very busy stepdown to an outpatient ambulatory eye surgery center.  We have had a mass exodus on my floor, leaving only a tiny handful of nurses who have been on the floor for more than a year or 2.  We were the main Covid floor for pts with high acuity over the Winter as we transitioned patients away from intubation and onto high flow as a preferred tx option and I think everyone is just burnt out. This job sounds amazing - nurses stay long term, they work as a team, great manager (according to someone who works there) who invests in her employees, tons of training and support and the hours are 3 days a week - 6:30-4:30 - no holidays no weekends. I have small kids and this would be huge.  My long term career goal was MICU, Cath Lab or PACU. Am I shooting myself in the foot if I take this position?  Will I be able to get back to the bedside in the future if I want to?  Help! 

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You'd be shooting yourself in the foot if you DON'T take this position. Those are great hours. You have plenty of time to get into critical care if you want. You can always get back to bedside if you want.

Thank you!  Do you feel that this type of experience with my 1 year of stepdown could put me into a PACU position? 

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It is always possible. It depends on who is doing the hiring at that time.  Be flexible, be willing to float to other departments in peri-op if needed. Getting into ambulatory surgery is a good way to get your foot in the door for PACU. Ask if you can cross train.

Good luck!

Just curious if you took the eye surgery position and if you like it?  I’m starting in a similar position soon and anxious about the transition although only 3 years away from retirement.

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