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New Grad Oncology Clinic


I am a recent grad (2nd career) and have a couple of questions.  I spoke with a recruiter yesterday, for a position at a private oncology clinic.  I really loved my clinical time in critical care because I loved spending a lot of time with one patient.  Definitely not easier by any stretch of the imagination but different and in my mind (could be totally off base), oncology is similar where you really get to know a patient and are caring for their needs in a different way. Am I being naive or is this a fair assessment?   Can you tell me what you like and don't like about oncology nursing and also, if I started in a clinic, would I be pigeon holed into this environment?  My long term goal would be to move into the hospital setting.  Any advice would be very much appreciated!  🙂

ChelseaOCN specializes in Oncology.

Hello! I love outpatient oncology because I get to know people really well and practice nursing from so many different angles.

I would recommend that you evaluate your professional priorities. Make sure that this position will lay the groundwork for what you want to do in the future. Ask how much critical thinking you will be doing...something like chemotherapy administration might be less likely to “pigeon hole” than a position that primarily involves scheduling appointments or refilling prescriptions.

Good luck with wherever you decide to start!

Thank you so much!  It is chemo administration. This is very helpful information!  

DowntheRiver specializes in Urgent Care, Oncology.

7 hours ago, jj16 said:

Thank you so much!  It is chemo administration. This is very helpful information!  

Would you have to mix chemo? A lot of nurses in small offices have to mix chemo. Is that something you'd be willing to do?

Good question and something I would not have even known to ask or consider!  I am grateful you brought that up!  


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