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New Grad Critical Care Big City vs Med Surg Community

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I am a recent graduate of nursing school. I am a second degree student with a young family. I applied to almost 100 jobs leading up to graduating and then right after. Our job market (Boston area) was hit with hiring freezes due to COVID. A neighbor handed in my resume to a small community hospital landing me an interview and I was hired on a med surg floor which is set to begin mid-September. In the meantime, I received an email that I was selected to interview for a highly competitive slot in a critical care residency in a large Boston hospital. The interview is 2 weeks before I am set to begin working at the small community hospital. The residency would lead me directly where I want to be - critical care. However, the smaller hospital offered me the choice of evenings vs overnights to help accommodate my family which I think is huge as a new graduate. My question is - do I go for the big city hospital which would feed directly into my long term goal - making me a very small fish in a very big pond or choose a smaller hospital that pays less, would require me to jump through more hoops to reach my goal but that may offer more flexibility for my young family. And how will the small hospital perceive me leaving them before I even begin with such short notice.

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Wait until you are offered the CC job. You may not have a job offered. But while interviewing, see how you feel about the unit overall. So many post on here that started out as a dream job, but was discovered to be a nightmare. A word from experience though: family considerations should be first and foremost. You have a young family, and you will never get back the years you spent chasing a dream. If you are younger, you may be able to hold back a couple of years while your family life stabilizes a little. Nursing school does a number on family life,whether you realize it or not...Only you can decide, if the CC job is offered, if the cost is worth it. Good luck on your new career, may it lead to great things!

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Thank you! I’m not young hahaha. I’m 42. I’ve been home with my children for 10 years but my youngest is only 5 (oldest 12) so I do appreciate how important time spent with them is. I completely agree that I may not get this position. It is very competitive. However the timeline is so tight that I do feel I have to really consider whether it’s something I even want. Thank you for the advice!