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    Just signed up for my first class into my online BSN program and IDK if i'm made for that life lol I love classroom settings however with working full time 5 days a week, i don't think I want to overwork myself like that. I was very organized in nursing school however outside of that I'm so lazy lol How did some of you guys manage online classes? I signed up for a hybrid class on Saturdays cause i'm too scared for a full online class setting. Help lol
  2. Hello! Took my Nclex Jan 30 & started my new grad position in the OR 2/4... so today is my 4th day of orientation and all the information is sooo overwhelming!! I'm super excited but but super nervous because now it's a whole different ball game.. How did you guys get through your first OR job? How did you find your niche, deal with surgeons and overall just not die from being terrified???
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    New OR nurse... how can I get through this?

    Checking them out now.. I've come to terms that it may take me 2+ years to become somewhat comfortable... Thanks so much for the reply!!