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    Got Written Up Today...

    So the day I've been waiting for - NCLEX day! I completed my exam in 75 questions, my heart starting to pound and wanting to cry because I felt I must've failed. I kept my composure as the proctor escorted me out of the room, did the palm vein scan, was good to go and she told me to get my things from my locker and I thought I heard her say something about getting my phone from the woman at the desk. It was a misunderstanding on my part because I figured she must've thought I left my phone with her, though it was actually in the locker. I retrieved my wallet and phone from my locker and proceeded to open the sealed bag with my phone in it in front of the woman at the desk. After I already ripped a hole in it, she tells me that she was supposed to do it. I told her I didn't know and she said that the proctor told me this. I said I didn't hear that and apologized. She then told me she needed to write me up. Okay, so I was absent-minded, I need to admit. I read the rules before taking the test, but must've missed this one. My brain was fried and nervous prior to and following the exam so I just wasn't functioning on optimal levels. Sometimes I just do really silly, embarrassing things that I "should've known better" before doing. Anyway, I got really worried. On top of feeling horrible like I failed, I felt like now I broke a rule, have an incident report against me and who knows if my test scores will be revoked? Anyway...that's what happened! I'd like some feedback if anyone has any idea what might happen or have been in a similar situation.
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    HIPAA Violation?

    So one of my biggest fears as a nursing student (and future nurse) is violating HIPAA. I read through a lot of the HIPAA laws and the 18 identifiers, but I still have unanswered questions regarding what constitutes as a violation and something from my last clinical day has been bothering me. On my last day at clinical, the nurse was telling me and another student a really interesting case and told us who it was about (it was a previous admission, they came in that day but were only there for a meeting). It was such an amazing story that I told my husband about it, and of course no names were mentioned. However, just yesterday the very story ended up published in the news, including the name of the hospital where the patient was transported. The odds of that the just the day after I was privy to that...so crazy. I know that there is a HIPAA law that says something about not talking about details that could point out who the patient is even though no names were used. Since this story ended up in the news, does that mean I leaked identifiable information? I'm not worried that it would go anywhere since I just talked to my husband (and it's not like he would even know who the patient was anyway), but I'm worried that I might have violated a law which makes me feel guilty. Thanks in advance! Still a lot I really need to understand/scares me before I become an RN!
  3. For the first year of nursing school I had the same instructor, as well as a lot of my other classmates. She seemed particularly cold, snobbish and seemed to maintain a professional appearance. She indicated maintaining professional student/teacher boundaries in the beginning, but as time went on she clearly picked her favorites and things have gotten pretty inappropriate. Two particular students became her favorites and are now the president and vice president of the nursing club...they seem to think that because they hold these positions, rules don't apply to them and they can do/get whatever they want. I catch them doing things such as cheating on a quiz or telling people confidential information about simulation lab. Part of the nursing program is about teaching professionalism and last year this instructor was very much all about that, even getting mad at students for handing her papers with creases in them, yet one of the aforementioned students would make inappropriate sexual jokes in class all the time and be very boisterous and the instructor never seemed to mind all that much or take her aside for it. This instructor has retired as a lead and is now an adjunct so she is still privy to information in the school. A couple nights ago, I attended a nursing dinner and those two students were there along with our former instructor. It was pretty cringe-worthy to watch how much they kissed up to her, for lack of better words. She gossiped with them about faculty and other students and they reminisced about the vacation they all had together in the summer before school started up again. I was pretty disturbed when I saw photos of these two students and or former instructor on vacation pop up in my instagram feed...but wasn't exactly sure if it was wrong or not. They text each other as well... As we were leaving the dinner, a recent graduate was warning us about a particular harsh instructor for the last semester of nursing. We sign up for our classes and don't find out who our instructors will be until afterward. Of course the faculty have that information, so what do these students do? They ask the former instructor to find out for them who will be teaching what section for next semester so they can avoid the one who gives students a hard time. She said she would try to find out and let them know... So yes, they get to have advantages other students don't have because she will tell them confidential information!! I feel like all of this is so wrong, but don't really know if I should do anything about it or not. I just want to focus on what I need to do and graduate, but I also find it incredibly messed up that this sort of thing is going on in a competitive program, with the nursing club leaders no less, not to mention a much older teacher who should know better than to be besties with students who are young enough to be her daughters!! Insight would be appreciated!
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    Inappropriate instructor/student relationship?

    No, I'm actually doing well right now, and have been throughout the program. It just seems very wrong to me that this behavior is going on. But yes, I'll probably just ignore it because I have bigger things to focus on. Also, for the record, one of the students who are doing this is barely passing, so it's not some good grades vs. bad grades scenario going on.
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    Pharmacology class

    So I opted to not take pharmacology over the summer and it was all filled up anyway. I am enrolled for the fall semester class, however since it's a corequiste for the next semester, it means that if I fail it, I fail out of the program. I started taking a pharmacology class online (Straighter Line) with the hopes that my school will accept it. Although I'm getting excellent grades in it, I feel like I'm not learning all that much. The textbook gives tons of information and without a teacher, I'm left to not know what I need to focus on. Open book testing is nice, but coupled with no teacher, I feel like it's too easy. Even if my school does accept the course, I will not be fully satisfied with not having all of the information I need to be an adequate nurse. Since I basically have to teach myself in this course, does anyone have any tips for how I should be studying and what I should be focusing on? I know that for pharm, you're supposed to know therapeutic ranges, doses, drug names, etc. But there are TONS of drugs listed...am I really expected to know all the details about each one including all of the doses? I feel overwhelmed. I would greatly appreciate feedback. Thank you!
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    Missing class days due to flu

    So, I came down with flu symptoms yesterday which had been my huge fear all semester. We are not allowed to come back to school until the fever is resolved for 24 hours. I know it can take 5 days for this to happen and I have class and a clinical day that could potentially be missed. Missing a certain amount of hours = points deducted from my final grade. There's also an exam on Monday and if I miss it and have to make it up, I can only receive up to an 80 on it. Has this happened to anyone else? Were you penalized for missing class days? My instructor who is very cold has been very unaccommodating. I even offered to sit in the back of the room (which is a very large room and there are so many rows of seats, people don't come close to filling them) and just leave right after class; she told me, "I have to handle the test and scantron and the germs are droplet." I take germs very seriously and would try to do all in my best to protect others from germs. It's what we do in the hospital in between patients, but for some reason in the classroom I'm a leper and standard precautions don't exist! If anyone has been in this situation or can give me advice on what to do, that would be great. I really don't want my grades to suffer or end up failing because of what this could do to my GPA.
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    Missing class days due to flu

    Oh and I'm sorry, I did not mean to post this in 'Pre-Nursing Student'!!
  8. I just realized tonight that I by accidentally had some identifiable information that I took home with me from a clinical site and I had it for awhile. Of course, no one saw it but me, and I destroyed it immediately, but I'm freaking out that I committed a crime! How does HIPAA work? Do I have to turn myself in if I made this mistake or is it only if you're "caught" so to speak that you're in trouble? Ugh, I could use some advice. This has been my nightmare of mine since the beginning of nursing school, and I feel like it's following me!
  9. I had a patient that was receiving both potassium chloride and spironolactone...which I know is a potassium sparing drug, so can anyone tell me why she was receiving both?
  10. I'm putting together my nursing process paper, and for my psychosocial nursing diagnosis, the one that really seems to apply is 'readiness for enhanced spiritual well-being'. When I'm writing out that sort of diagnosis though, I leave out "related to", but just keep "as evidenced by"; am I correct? Thanks for your help! I'm really hoping to nail this paper!
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    Tips on head to toe assessments?

    Hi everyone! I would really love some advice on how to do a smooth, organized head to toe assessment on a pt. We had just went over it on lecture 2 days before clinical and lab 1 day before, and then were expected to do it on clinical day. I am completely new to nursing. Never had experience in a hospital and not good with new situations or being outgoing, so I get anxiety about doing everything right. I felt kind of stuck, not knowing what I should do next, etc. I felt awkward and clumsy. I didn't have a ton to write in my assessment; I forgot some things and left other areas blank because I wasn't sure how/if I should do that part of the assessment. Of course I got a lot written up by my instructor and felt like a failure. It wasn't just because of what she said that made me feel that way; I had already started feeling like I was doing a bad job and it just kind of cemented it for me, leaving me wondering if I'm going to be a terrible nurse. So...lots of anxiety right now and feeling overwhelmed. Hope you all can offer me some great tips and advice. Thanks!!!
  12. Warning: Long post! So yesterday for clinical, our instructor paired each of us up. I had practiced the head-to-toe assessment at home because my first one I did very poorly and I was going through the steps in my head the night before clinical. I was prepared to do it myself, but the girl I was paired with was taking over a lot of the tasks. She is wonderful and not bossy, but she definitely has more of a take-charge personality and I am less assertive; so things I wanted to do, she already started and I just rolled with it. For instance, I wanted to do some vitals, but she already either did it when I wasn't watching (like maybe when I ran to get equipment) or started it already when I was in the room, so I tried to be a team player and write down the values, cause at least that's doing something right? We worked a little bit with the nurse assigned to that patient and she was helping us make an occupied bed since our patient was incontinent. I was trying to throw in my weight wherever I could, I was grabbing the soiled linen and throwing it into the hamper because obviously it shouldn't be on the floor, bed or chair right? But I sensed slight annoyance from the nurse cause I had my back turned for a second when I was putting linens in the hamper, but I was really fast and turned back to assist them in helping to move the patient. I kind of just shrugged it off, because maybe I was just imagining it. Now, I can be a bit ditzy; it's something I need to work on! I get my lefts and rights mixed up or sometimes I'm not following directions properly or standing in the wrong spot; I wasn't paying attention and was standing on the wrong side of the bed to help move the patient, but was quickly told to come over to the other side... It was one of those "Oh, duh, I meant that!" moments, so I quickly went to assist. I really did try to work hard, observing when people needed a hand and jumping in, but apparently it was not enough.... I received this email from my instructor last night: The nurse taking care of your patient today commented that you did not actively participate in caring for the patient, but seemed content to stand back and let the other student take the lead. I noticed the same behavior last week. Being a student nurse is not observational. You must participate. We are beyond sitting down and talking to patients at this point. You seem very hesitant to care for patients. While your grades are quite good, you must apply what you are learning in the classroom and lab to the clinical area. We need for our graduates to be competent in all areas. I hope to see improvement in our remaining weeks. I was just beside myself...I had a very long school week, barely getting any sleep and working really hard to do well on the quiz, pass my skill test, and be competent and thorough in my clinical. So I was just stunned; I went from feeling awesome, to down in the dirt. I thought I really threw in my weight and to have not only my instructor, but also the nurse say that was devastating for me... It's really hard being the quiet person, because the one that talks the most or takes over tasks the fastest gets noticed for good work, and I'm left looking like a failure. A little background on what my instructor was referring to when she said she saw me not wanting to participate last week as well: I again, was paired with another take-charge student. We were doing meds and I again, was trying to share the workload. We both had to take a sheet of the list of drugs to look up in our drug guide and find what it was used to treat. So we worked on that, and when I got finished with mine, I jumped in to help with hers. We both took turns doing our three checks. It was definitely a new experience for me; I had never given meds to a patient before. I passed my skill test for it the day before, but that was different and old-fashioned compared to what it was like in real life. I learned to input everything on the computer and scan and for me typically, I usually am pretty bad at something the first time I'm doing it, but after a bit of practice, I can be highly proficient. I was not very proficient my first time around, the other girl was taking over a lot and she already knows a lot of the ins and outs of the hospital, I have a tendency to feel a bit lost and confused when I'm new, and my instructor would remind me to take a turn doing something. I guess that's mainly where she thought I didn't want to participate. I get confused about who's doing what and when we're going to switch tasks...so ok, my bad for not being as with it, but honestly, I feel like it was so unfair to be called out like I did in that email. She didn't even specify what it was exactly I was doing wrong, which left me wondering, "Was it this?", "Was it that time?" The only time she ever spent with me on the floor was during the meds last week, and for a little bit of time yesterday in assisting with something. She isn't there for most of it and was going off of what that nurse was telling her, which again, the nurse wasn't with us the whole time we were with the patient aither. I feel so horrible. Feel free to give advice on what I should be doing! I know how to be a team player, and I even welcome it, but I also find working alone can be better sometimes so that toes aren't stepped on. There were three people in the room at times, working on the one patient, so uh, sharing tasks can get a little awkward. I already knew going into this program that it wasn't going to be easy, and I already knew my ditzy moments were going to cause some difficulty, and being a quiet, reserved person on top of that = potential disaster. I often go from feeling amazing and confident and looking forward to being a nurse, to suddenly feeling like I hate it and it's not for me, that I'll just be a terrible nurse. Is it normal to feel this way in school? Thank you for taking the time to read my long rant! I am interested in reading your comments.
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    My instructor thinks I'm incompetent

    Unfortunately that just might be the case... I am clumsy when I'm new to learning something. What are some things you have done that made instructors turn on you?
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    My instructor thinks I'm incompetent

    Do you know how much I needed this right now? This was the second time this week I was reminded by someone not to fear according to the Bible - and also something that has been a personal issue for me for awhile! God bless you.
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    My instructor thinks I'm incompetent

    We had a very difficult elderly patient with confusion, who claimed and acted liked just about everything that involved touching was hurting her and really didn't seem to want us there. So that was another factor that made things more difficult
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    Tips on head to toe assessments?

    This is so good to know! I feel a bit relieved too to know that I'm not the only one who isn't always succinct. I'm definitely going to be looking into this method more!
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    Tips on head to toe assessments?

    Thanks! This is great. You have a systematic system that may help me!
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    Tips on head to toe assessments?

    Thanks so much for this great advice! I have had my husband pretend to be my patient, and I'm sure it will be happening much more! Breathing deeply is definitely something I need to be doing. I also agree that I should take my form in; it's hard for me to remember everything on there! My instructor told us it's frowned upon to be writing on it in the room...but I find it very helpful to be able to.
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    Tips on head to toe assessments?

    Yes, I have had my husband pretend to be my patient and I'm sure it will be happening much more! Great advice, thanks!
  20. So I'm taking my first skill evaluation (Hand washing and donning and removing PPE) for the second time tomorrow. The first time I took it was on Friday and I was really nervous and made some silly mistakes which made me fail it. I had a remediation today and this time I was still really nervous, but did much better; the only things the instructor thought I needed to work on was my mask, making sure not to use my 'clean hand' to throw away the paper towel I used to dry it with, and to not be nervous. So my questions are: How do I stop being so nervous? I actually am a very high anxiety person and even if I tell myself to breathe, I just can't stop being nervous! I'm fine test taking, but performance (people watching me) I'm just not. Even if I am or would be really good in nursing practice, my nervousness gets in the way, making me mess up. For the hand washing, all soap must be removed. I keep rinsing and rinsing, and still have soap! The instructor even commented she's never seen anyone rinse as much as me and hard to believe there was still soap on them. Has anyone else had this? I can't control how much soap I'm using either, because we use an automatic soap dispenser. Anyway, tips/advice would be appreciated!
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    First exam!!!

    My first nursing exam is next Monday. I did a quiz this Monday and only got a 75...the wording on some of those questions throws me off. I really don't want a 75 for my first test! Does anyone have any great study/testing tips or advice I can use? I'm reading all of the chapters that are going to be on the test, going over my instructor's power points, highlighting important info...I'm not entirely sure what else I should do. They give us SO MANY chapters to read in the beginning, so I'm not sure I'll be able to retain all the info!
  22. Thanks! Really great ideas. I ended up passing, but for future skills I definitely want to be practicing a lot at home. I did imagine doing the PPE before going to sleep! There's something about doing things right before sleep that helps reinforce it in the brain.
  23. Thanks so much for the advice! I did end up passing yesterday, but I agree that as easy as the skills were, it was definitely a stressful event! The first two instructors who watched me made me feel uncomfortable, but I loved who I got when I finally passed! She made me feel more relaxed, was so sweet and reassuring, and acted like a real person who understood as opposed to the first nurse who seemed too 'clinical'. I found out after my evaluation that that last instructor is going to be my first clinical instructor, which I'm really happy about. Just about everything in nursing is a new experience for me, as opposed to someone who was a CNA or LPN coming into the program, and new situations make me feel nervous, so I'm really glad my first clinical instructor might help make the new experience less stressful. Oh, in speaking of Foley, that became my new thing to stress over in nursing school. How difficult is it to pass that skill? The whole thing seems so painful and makes me squirm thinking about it sometimes and I'm scared to do one in real life! I love that you used the term 'diaphoretic' because we just learned this word today in class!
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    I went from a 78 to a 90 in two attempts

    How should I study for the body systems? What exactly should I be studying? I read that I need to study the 11 body systems, but then I get overwhelmed and don't know exactly what about or how far in depth I need to study for the systems.
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    ATI TEAS Scores

    For those of you who have taken the new ATI TEAS: What were your scores? Is the scoring system the same as the TEAS V? What are some tips for taking this test? I'll be taking it on the 31st, so would like to have some info on it. Thanks!