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  1. Elven_RN

    Has anyone left nursing job due to COVID19 virus?

    This is so understandable! God bless you.
  2. Elven_RN

    Has anyone left nursing job due to COVID19 virus?

    Exactly!! Also, I had my qualms about my previous workplace before all of this transpired. Just over this flu season, a nursing supervisor told a pregnant staff worker she could not wear a mask unless she was working within 6 feet of the resident. This place also claimed to follow CDC recommendations against the flu and sent a letter out the parents of the residents stating that they were doing all they could to prevent the flu... The truth is they were lying and breaking the law in the meantime. In NY state, we must get a flu vaccine if working with patients or residents OR wear a mask. Many workers would not get vaccinated and not wear a mask. Obviously this workplace knew this because flu vaccines are tracked. Places like this are what spreads pandemics.
  3. Elven_RN

    Has anyone left nursing job due to COVID19 virus?

    At the job I just left for many different reasons, one of their guidelines was that we were not supposed to wear a mask unless we were working within 3 feet of someone displaying active symptoms... :-o. This made me so angry. 3 feet?! That's basically in someone's face. Displaying active symptoms? So basically they had to be hacking AND within 3 feet for us to be permitted to wear masks (when someone can spread the virus before showing any symptoms).
  4. I am currently working at a special needs center in a residential facility. When I first heard the job description, it made me uncomfortable because I thought it would be a lot to handle as a new grad to care for up to 20 residents as the sole nurse overnight. Now that I'm doing the job, it's actually the opposite. I find myself with hours to kill. This place really doesn't need nurses to do 12 hour shifts; they could break it up to three 8 hour shifts. I'm really not even using my RN license either because everything I do could be done by an LPN. This place even does hire LPN's to do the same job. It's basically the same routine, meds and tasks. I really don't want to come across as ungrateful or unmotivated. I'm actually very driven and I crave learning more!! I used to be scared of the hospital, thinking I couldn't perform nursing tasks there. I thought I would be stressed and make mistakes. This job is proving to me that I CAN do well in a fast-paced environment and I'm itching to learn more and be busier! Some nurses are content with this facility, but that may be because many of them are older in the retirement age of their lives and have no need or desire for faster paced work or new skills. As a new nurse, I feel like I'm going crazy there! At times I would literally watch the clock tick. I'm often sleep-deprived and overnight shifts are not for me. Some do really well with nights; I'm just not one of them, so I often feel like I could sleep nearly my whole shift. One night was so bad with tiredness, I nodded off. I tried to do things to keep me awake like exercising...I even strung paperclips together to just do something hands-on to keep my mind active. The tiredness wouldn't really leave though. Working on my BSN or spending time on my phone are off limits too because there are policies against working on "personal work" and using your phone during work hours. I've started to become depressed at this job and feel anxious when I have to return to work, not anxious about unpredictable events occurring, which is probably how many nurses feel, but anxious that I have to be there and face another repetitive predictable night. I'm worried that I'm having a bad attitude about working here and the thought of leaving adds a layer of guilt on me. With almost any other job, it's just a job, but with nursing I feel like there is so much tied to it like caring and compassion, so I feel like it must mean I don't care enough about these individuals if I want to leave. Maybe that sounds ridiculous. In my circumstance, I don't *have* to work, I choose to, so it's not like I would be facing the streets or stacks of unpaid bills if I leave. I'm concerned that one, if I do leave it would look bad on my resume if I resigned after 3 months and two, that I just don't have what it takes and a poor work ethic for feeling like I mentally can't handle it. Of course if I left, I would devote time into actively pursuing other positions, working on my bachelor's degree (which I am currently doing), perhaps gaining some certifications and just figuring out how I want to channel my nursing endeavors. I just really don't know. I don't want to make a stupid move career-wise, especially for being a new grad, yet I don't know if I can take too many more months of this. I've been applying to other jobs, even got a call back from a hospital nurse recruiter but my application got rejected anyway. It's really hard to find something without a BSN. I also don't want to stay here long because I heard it can be hard to be looked on favorably after working at this sort of facility, I suppose because of how limited it is in growth and learning. Let me know your thoughts!!
  5. Elven_RN

    Two callbacks from same hospital - hopeful?

    Yes, I spoke with her. She asked some general questions and said she would send my resume to the managers on the units I applied to.
  6. So after applying on Friday, the 24th of January, I got a call back from the nurse recruiter at the hospital on Monday, the 27th. I never ended up seeing that I had a missed call or voicemail until she called again on Wednesday!! I feel bad that I missed the call and hope it didn't reflect poorly on me, however, she did call a second time; does that indicate hope that I may be strongly considered for this position? Not sure what to expect. Maybe some of you will have an idea of what it could mean as this whole nursing/job thing is new to me!
  7. I found out that my cousins just came down with chickenpox. I still remember my aunt asking my mother if she should vaccinate when she was a new mom looking for advice and worried about the potential of them contracting a disease if she didn't vaccinate. My mother was very anti-vax and helped convince her not to. The oldest child is 14 (which is a bad age to get this!). Now they have to face the risk of shingles when they're older. Just to think it could've all been prevented...but fears, nonfactual internet sources and friends/family who are not educated themselves get in the way of making rational decisions!
  8. I have read about the type 1 diabetes and vaccines connection. What seems to be the case is that a lot of autoimmune diseases are triggered by a pathogen. Perhaps people were noticing type 1 (or other autoimmune diseases) after a vaccine, but it wasn't the vaccine that *caused* it and they could've easily developed the same condition after catching the flu such as what happens in ITP or guillain-barre.
  9. So after graduating this May, and getting registered in July, I finally had my first real interview this afternoon. I think it went well and it's likely I will be offered a job. It's at a large special needs facility. I would have about 6 weeks of training and then work 3 12 hour overnights and have 20 patients with complex medical needs. My assistance would be a nursing intern and an LPN who would come 2 hours before my shift ends. There would be no physicians around. Nursing supervisors would be on the premises, but not in the building where I would be. It sounds like A LOT for someone with very little experience to take on. I found out through someone else who knows an RN there that it really isn't a lot, that you don't actually have to do that much, but I still am unsure of what to do. I value my nursing license!! If I could get some advice, I would appreciate it so much!
  10. Elven_RN

    Got Written Up Today...

    Hi everyone! Thank you so much for your comments. I found out this afternoon I passed and am now an RN!!! I was so relieved and in shock. The night before I was pretty sure I failed it! That may have been my longest 48 hours!
  11. Elven_RN

    Got Written Up Today...

    I didn't try the PearsonVue trick...I already decided I wasn't going to so as not to drive myself nuts. In your case though, you didn't do anything wrong. I technically broke a rule, so I'm praying and hoping that nothing comes of it.
  12. Elven_RN

    Got Written Up Today...

    I'm glad you were able to get your results and nothing bad happened! Yes, I didn't even leave the test room at all. May I ask what it was that happened that caused your results on review?
  13. Elven_RN

    Got Written Up Today...

    So the day I've been waiting for - NCLEX day! I completed my exam in 75 questions, my heart starting to pound and wanting to cry because I felt I must've failed. I kept my composure as the proctor escorted me out of the room, did the palm vein scan, was good to go and she told me to get my things from my locker and I thought I heard her say something about getting my phone from the woman at the desk. It was a misunderstanding on my part because I figured she must've thought I left my phone with her, though it was actually in the locker. I retrieved my wallet and phone from my locker and proceeded to open the sealed bag with my phone in it in front of the woman at the desk. After I already ripped a hole in it, she tells me that she was supposed to do it. I told her I didn't know and she said that the proctor told me this. I said I didn't hear that and apologized. She then told me she needed to write me up. Okay, so I was absent-minded, I need to admit. I read the rules before taking the test, but must've missed this one. My brain was fried and nervous prior to and following the exam so I just wasn't functioning on optimal levels. Sometimes I just do really silly, embarrassing things that I "should've known better" before doing. Anyway, I got really worried. On top of feeling horrible like I failed, I felt like now I broke a rule, have an incident report against me and who knows if my test scores will be revoked? Anyway...that's what happened! I'd like some feedback if anyone has any idea what might happen or have been in a similar situation.
  14. Elven_RN

    HIPAA Violation?

    So one of my biggest fears as a nursing student (and future nurse) is violating HIPAA. I read through a lot of the HIPAA laws and the 18 identifiers, but I still have unanswered questions regarding what constitutes as a violation and something from my last clinical day has been bothering me. On my last day at clinical, the nurse was telling me and another student a really interesting case and told us who it was about (it was a previous admission, they came in that day but were only there for a meeting). It was such an amazing story that I told my husband about it, and of course no names were mentioned. However, just yesterday the very story ended up published in the news, including the name of the hospital where the patient was transported. The odds of that the just the day after I was privy to that...so crazy. I know that there is a HIPAA law that says something about not talking about details that could point out who the patient is even though no names were used. Since this story ended up in the news, does that mean I leaked identifiable information? I'm not worried that it would go anywhere since I just talked to my husband (and it's not like he would even know who the patient was anyway), but I'm worried that I might have violated a law which makes me feel guilty. Thanks in advance! Still a lot I really need to understand/scares me before I become an RN!
  15. Elven_RN

    Inappropriate instructor/student relationship?

    No, I'm actually doing well right now, and have been throughout the program. It just seems very wrong to me that this behavior is going on. But yes, I'll probably just ignore it because I have bigger things to focus on. Also, for the record, one of the students who are doing this is barely passing, so it's not some good grades vs. bad grades scenario going on.
  16. For the first year of nursing school I had the same instructor, as well as a lot of my other classmates. She seemed particularly cold, snobbish and seemed to maintain a professional appearance. She indicated maintaining professional student/teacher boundaries in the beginning, but as time went on she clearly picked her favorites and things have gotten pretty inappropriate. Two particular students became her favorites and are now the president and vice president of the nursing club...they seem to think that because they hold these positions, rules don't apply to them and they can do/get whatever they want. I catch them doing things such as cheating on a quiz or telling people confidential information about simulation lab. Part of the nursing program is about teaching professionalism and last year this instructor was very much all about that, even getting mad at students for handing her papers with creases in them, yet one of the aforementioned students would make inappropriate sexual jokes in class all the time and be very boisterous and the instructor never seemed to mind all that much or take her aside for it. This instructor has retired as a lead and is now an adjunct so she is still privy to information in the school. A couple nights ago, I attended a nursing dinner and those two students were there along with our former instructor. It was pretty cringe-worthy to watch how much they kissed up to her, for lack of better words. She gossiped with them about faculty and other students and they reminisced about the vacation they all had together in the summer before school started up again. I was pretty disturbed when I saw photos of these two students and or former instructor on vacation pop up in my instagram feed...but wasn't exactly sure if it was wrong or not. They text each other as well... As we were leaving the dinner, a recent graduate was warning us about a particular harsh instructor for the last semester of nursing. We sign up for our classes and don't find out who our instructors will be until afterward. Of course the faculty have that information, so what do these students do? They ask the former instructor to find out for them who will be teaching what section for next semester so they can avoid the one who gives students a hard time. She said she would try to find out and let them know... So yes, they get to have advantages other students don't have because she will tell them confidential information!! I feel like all of this is so wrong, but don't really know if I should do anything about it or not. I just want to focus on what I need to do and graduate, but I also find it incredibly messed up that this sort of thing is going on in a competitive program, with the nursing club leaders no less, not to mention a much older teacher who should know better than to be besties with students who are young enough to be her daughters!! Insight would be appreciated!

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