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  1. Workflow for Falls?

    Hi there! I'm a resident care director in an ALF. We have a licensed nurse in the building from 8a-8p and my RN designee and I rotate on-call responsibilities after hours. I've written a "fall policy" which includes the basics about how to immediatel...
  2. I’m sure it’s been said, the only issue I would have is that you are held ACCOUNTABLE to the highest level of license you possess. CNAs don’t have as much to risk as you do liability-wise. Good luck. And relocate. The east coast has plenty of RN posi...
  3. Midlife Crisis

    Hi there! I'm about to turn 45 yrs old. I currently work as a DHS in Assisted Living. I have never had a more stressful job. I've been handling everything up until recently (finally have a day nurse who's not me, a scheduler starts today and we final...
  4. Not sure where this belongs..ALF

    I am the Director of Health Services at an 80-ish bed building with 20 special care residents. When I first started, we were 13 below budget. Now we are at budget. It took a long time but we are there. Mostly because we offer more services than a ty...
  5. Restoring Order

    Thank you for your thoughts. The good news is that I have the full backing of the COO. They are currently a 1-star home. The only way is up and they all know it. Anything is better than what they have in place right now. I'll keep you posted on how i...
  6. Restoring Order

    For the entirety of the shifts, 5 RNs/LPNs and approximately 10 CNAs (rough estimate) and I do plan to meet with each person individually and/or in groups. I will also be attending their reports/meetings and work on improving the flow of information ...
  7. Restoring Order

    Hi there! I'm about to start a new, ill-defined, position in a SNF. The home is in transition and exhibiting all the signs of such! Management is in upheaval. Key positions are vacant. Senior staff are resistant to change. It's frankly, a hot mess. ...
  8. NCLEX RN and PVT- My Experience

    I PASSED!!!!!!!!!! :woot:
  9. NCLEX RN and PVT- My Experience

    UPDATE: My quick results are still not available! My test time was 2p. I finished around 3p. I'm DYING!!!!
  10. I just finished my NCLEX

    AWESOME! Congratulations!!! I have to run errands today and will likely be out and about when my 48 hours is up! Were the results available right at 8a?
  11. NCLEX RN and PVT- My Experience

    Fayassin, Did you get results yet?!?!
  12. NCLEX RN and PVT- My Experience

    Just to update. I tried the PVT a few times yesterday and was unable to register for another exam date. I'm hoping my QR will be ready around 2p today!
  13. NCLEX RN and PVT- My Experience

    Good morning! I just wanted to share my experience with the NCLEX-RN and the PVT so far. I have been an LPN for 22 years. I took boards the first year of CAT for my PN. I graduated the program with As. I didn't study at all for the NCLEX-PN and to...