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Workflow for Falls?

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Hi there!

I'm a resident care director in an ALF. We have a licensed nurse in the building from 8a-8p and my RN designee and I rotate on-call responsibilities after hours.

I've written a "fall policy" which includes the basics about how to immediately respond to falls both when a nurse is in the building and when not, including documentation and making the appropriate notifications. Also the QI process including RCA. I also included interventions for fall prevention and mitigation prior to resident move-in, following a fall, and ongoing.

They are asking me to create a "workflow" for the policy including specific actions and responsible person. I thought I laid it out the procedure pretty succinctly in my policy, but they are still asking for this separately and I'm brain stuck on what they are looking for and how to lay it out.

Does anyone have any guidance, suggestions or even a template?

Thank you!


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Are they asking for a checkoff list? Like with blocks to initial?

We had something like that for our LTC/NH admissions. Had 24 hrs to complete, so all 3 shifts worked on it.

I made a cheatsheet thing for falls - just to follow so nothing got missed. Oh, they'd come after you if you forgot something! Our falls protocol had some dozen or so things to complete, so my cheatsheet was handy. Had it 'conveniently' filed in a couple places, so everyone knew where to look just to double check!

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Workflows can be written or visually represented.  Ask the person who asked you for a workflow, what he/she is actually seeking.